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Graphic Designers

Group Presentation for Ms.Pinkston

Donnell Gilchrist

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Designers

Donnell Graphic Designers Definition A graphic designer is someone who specializes in
graphic design Salary History Graphic design originated 30,000 BC with drawings of animals to describe stories, on rocks and caves in Northern France. It has evolved in this century for advertising mostly made on computers such as this background.
~Taylor Examples Randall- Salary
Me-Examples What does Graphic design do? $54,000/year $42,000/year
Printing and
Related Activities
Newspaper, Periodicals, Book Publishers $40,000/year $51,000/year Specialized Design Services Graphic design is the art/skill of combining text
and pictures to advertising, magazines , or
books Credits Any questions ? -Randy -Debra The earliest kind of printing was known as gravure printing, art was carved into a copper plate and used as a stamp
~Taylor The next break through was lithography, artists wrote on a porpus stone using a grease pencil.
~Taylor The newest type of graphic art is created digitally using vector drawing, mathematical that are not resolution dependent and can be scaled to any size w/o losing integrity
~Taylor Print was the traditonal medium for designers as printing technology changed so did the look of graphic design
~Taylor What is Graphic Design anyway? -Debra -Randy -Randy -Randy -Randy -Donnell -Donnell -Donnell -Donnell - team 1 gets extra points!
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