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Sally Kristen Ride

The First American Woman In Space

Aparna Ramani

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Sally Kristen Ride

Sally Kristen Ride Sally Ride was born on May 26th, 1951, in Los Angeles, California. Sally went to school at Portola Middle School, Westlake School For Girls. She went to college at Stanford University and Swarthmore College. She was married, then, later on divorced to Steven Hawley. They didn't have any children. Sally Ride lived in Southern California ( Los Angeles). She also visited Florida many times. Five important events:
She was chosen out of hundreds of people to become an astronaut. It's important because it's how she trained to be an astronaut. Our person was most famous for being America's first woman in space. The biggest acomplishment that Sally did was to represent America with the first woman astronaut in NASA. Sally Ride is important in history because she was America's first woman in space. Things will be different in our world if she wasn't born because then, it would have taken longer for a woman to stand up and take an adventure through space. She is still alive and is a teacher for physics.
She is at the age of 59. Sally helped devolop the robotic arm. It's important because of without her, it would have taken longer to make and it wouldn't be what it is today. She earned a Ph. D in physics from Stanford University. It's important because physics is related to space science, and in college, she picked that to be her life career. While she was orbiting the Earth, she took part in launching and retrieving satellites. It is important because it's the essential part of a function in a satellite. She retired from the astronaut corps in 1987. It's important because if she didn't retire from her service, then she wouldn't have been a physics teacher later after she retired.
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