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Life As We Knew It PROJECT

No description

Anthony Mangiaracina

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Life As We Knew It PROJECT

By: Anthony Mangiaracina Life As We Knew It Exposition: Conflict: Climax: Falling action: Resolution: Rising Action: Protagonist Setting: The story never clearly states where but it is assumed that it takes place in a suburb in Pennsylvania. A meteor hits the moon causing global turmoil and harsh weather all around the world. The climax in the story in my opinion is when Mirandas mom says she cannot swim at the lake anymore. I think this is the climax because this was the only thing making Mirandas life seem normal and she finally comes to realize she has to give up a lot at this point. Despite the frigid weather outside and being weak from starving, Miranda decides to go to the post office and see if they got any mail from her dad. When she finally gets there she finds the mayor who tells her that they started a program recently where they give away one bag of food per person every week. Miranda is shocked and ecstatic. They deliver the food and feed her starving family. Everyone in the family is limited to two meals a day to conserve food. Then it starts to get cold and frost in August due to ash from volcanoes blocking the sun. Winter finally hits and they are stuck with no heating oil and practically no food. 1) The news announces that a meteor will hit the moon. Miranda (protagonist) VS. Moon(antagonist) Situation/Climate: The situation is that a meteor has hit the moon causing power outage and severe weather. The climate starts out in presumeably fall but by the end of the story its winter. Characters: Miranda, Lisa, Sammi, Megan, Peter, Brandon, Johnny, Matt, Dan. 2) Mirandas brother, Matt, calls her because he is worried about the aftermath that might come come. 3) The meteor finally hits the moon and causes it to tilt and move closer to Earth. vs. Antagonist Literary Devices 1) "He paused for a moment. "I have a funny feeling," he said."- The literary device used is foreshadowing because it hints to the future. 2) The back of the van was as much as a madhouse as the store."- The literary device used is a simile because it compares the van to the story by using "as". 3) "Johnny got him enough food to last for years."- The literary device used is a hyperbole because if you read the book you would know that Johnny was far from two years of food. Recomendation I would reccomend this book to a lot of different types of readers. It appeals to fans of sci-fi, drama, thriller, and many more. If you ever wondered how society and civilization would change after going through worldwide catastrophy then i highly reccomend this book to you.
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