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Whitney Houston: Tragic Hero (A star gone too soon)

No description

morgan hunter

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Whitney Houston: Tragic Hero (A star gone too soon)

Whitney Houston: Tragic Hero (A Star Gone too Soon)
Noble Birth
Whitney Houston was born in a middle-income neighborhood.
Her mother ,Cissy Houston, was a gospel singer and her aunt ,Aretha Franklin, was well known in the R&B music industry.
At age 9 her mother and aunt took her to the recording studio, but it wasn't until age 11 when she started singing as a soloist for different churches.
1985 she released her debut album that was her first taste of success.
Tragic Flaw
Later, in her mid-20's Whitney became addicted to drugs such as Maijuana, and on multiple occasions crack cocain.
Increase of self-awareness and self-knowledge
Whitey made a great return in 2009 after voluntarily being checked out of rehab.
She return with "I look to you" her first studio album in seven years.
Pity and Purging of emotion
February 11, 2012 Whitney Houston was staying in room 434 at a hotel in Beverly Hills. She was found unconscious and submerged in a bah tub. She was later pronounced dead due to drug use hat resulted in an accidental drowning.
Whitney @ age 7
Whitney's first album
Reversal of Fortune
At age 18 Whitney was introduced to Crack Cocain by her older brother who had also once had an addicted.
In 1992 Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown, when she was introduced to marijuana. This only made her addiction worse.
Because of her constant drug use, Whitney was forced into rehab, putting her career on pause.
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