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DLL or Daily Lesson Log

No description

Angeli Jurial Calicdan

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of DLL or Daily Lesson Log

Daily Lesson Log
What is DLL or Daily Lesson Log?
which means:
An activity that you do in order to learn something;
A single class or part of a course of instruction
Something learned through experience
which means
An official record of events
in a systematic way.
Lesson + Log
An official record of activities, instruction and learning experiences written in a systematic way.
Flexibility in the Preparation of Daily Lessons
Teachers of all public elementary and
secondary schools will have more time for
the preparation of necessary support
instructional materials and student-centered
activities .
Teachers who have been in the service for
more than two
years, private school
experience included, shall not be required to
prepare detailed lesson plans

They may adopt the Daily Lesson Logs

Learners’ Materials
Other Activities

Teachers with less than two (2) years teaching experience shall be required to prepare DLPs which shall include the following:
Subject Matter

Teachers may make modification of / or
derivation from the TGs/TMs whenever
necessary to suit the learners’ ability
provided that the learning standards and
competencies are met.

They are encouraged to enhance the TGs to
provide activities that will develop higher
thinking skills.
Teachers' Guides (TGs)
Teachers' Manuals (TMs)

DLPs / DLLs shall be written in the language
of the TGs/TMs
• Grade 1 teachers need not translate them to
the Mother Tongue (MT)
• The use of MT as Medium of Instruction must
be strictly followed.
Sample of Lesson Log
What to put i the in Lesson Log?
A report of : Angeli Calicdan
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