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Safety Test

General Safety Test for Industrial Technology at Wahoo High School, Wahoo,NE.

Jon Herrera

on 21 August 2012

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Transcript of Safety Test

General Shop Safety Test You must pass this test and your safety demonstration with a 100% to work in the shop.

You may correct errors if your grade is 91% or higher 1. Immediate detentions will be given for:____ .
A Throwing things
B Complaining
C Smiling
D Horseplay
E A or D 2. You must ________________ to use the large power tools.
A Be careful
B Start slowly
C Be approved
D Give the password
3. You must pass each machine test (written and demonstration) with a grade of ______ to be able to use the machines.
A 70%
B 80%
C 90%
D 100%
4. Wear approved _______________at all
times during any project work.
A Hats
B Pants
C Sandals
D Safety glasses
5. Machines must never be operated while
the instructor is ___________.
A Turned around
B Talking to a student
C Out of the Room
D Disciplining a Student
6. Proper dress is required. Long sleeves must
be _________ before operating machines.
A Long sleeves are ok!
B Rolled up
C Left alone
D Removed
7. Machines must be ___________ before adjustments are made.
A Not running full speed
B Off and stopped
C Off and slowing down
D Full speed
8. If you need to pry two boards apart, and the pry bar is broken, _________.
A Use a flat-headed screwdriver to pry them apart
B Tell the instructor
C Use it anyway, who cares?
D Use a chisel to pry them apart
9. Loose chains or jewelry must be __________
A Melted down to raise money to pay for Mr. Herrera’s college loans
B Tucked into your shirt
C Left alone. It is ok to wear jewelry in the shop.
D Removed while you are working in the shop
E B or D
10. Check to see that all lumber is free
from _________________ before being machined.
A Nails
B Loose Knots
C Dirt
D Staples
E A, B, D
11. The floor area around machines must be kept clear of ___________.
A B, C, and D
B Sawdust
C Scraps of wood
D Tools
E Silverware
12. Stock must never be forced into a
machine ___________ than it can cut it.

A Slower
B Much slower
C Faster
D Easier
E B, C, D

13. TRUE OR FALSE Loose jackets can be worn while operating machines.

14. TRUE OR FALSE Know most of the safety rules before you use a machine.

15. TRUE OR FALSE You should try to get done as fast as you can when using
the machines. This frees up the machine for others.

16. TRUE OR FALSE Keep the machine tables and benches clear of tools and materials.

17. TRUE OR FALSE If several people are in line to use a machine, the first person may
turn it on and let it run for the next person to use.
True or False 18. TRUE OR FALSE It is alright to have someone close to
you when you are using a machine.

19. TRUE OR FALSE The operator must wait at the machine after
it is turned off until it comes to a complete stop.

20. TRUE OR FALSE Safety guards may be removed if they make it
harder to use the machine.

21. TRUE OR FALSE Keep your mind and attention on the
operation being performed.
22. TRUE OR FALSE You may talk quietly to the person operating a machine.

23. TRUE OR FALSE Avoid storing project work on the workbenches.

24. TRUE OR FALSE The woodshop is safe if you are the one being safe.

25. TRUE OR FALSE If a machine or tool is out of order, report it to the
instructor after you have used it once.
26. TRUE OR FALSE Use the tool that gets the job
done fastest even if it may not be
the one that gets the job done right.

27. TRUE OR FALSE Report accidents and injuries to
the instructor by the end of class.

28. TRUE OR FALSE Be sure to walk in the shop.

29. TRUE OR FALSE A razor sharp blade is safer
than one that is dull.
30. TRUE OR FALSE You may wear flip flops as long
as they cover half of your foot.

31. TRUE OR FALSE When lifting heavy items, always
lift with your legs, never your back.

32. TRUE OR FALSE When using a machine, line your
pointer finger up with the blade
to cut a straight line.
33. TRUE OR FALSE Use your hands to hold work that is being
machined on the workbench.

34. TRUE OR FALSE Spills must be wiped up by the end of class.
(ON YOUR ANSWER SHEET) Multiple Choice

Choose the BEST answer The Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag,
of the United States of America.
And to the Republic, for which it stands,
one nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.
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