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Ludwig van Beethoven

No description

Yoel Park

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven
Beethoven: Second Revised Edition, By Maynard solomon
Yoel Park
English 2 Honors
Period 5
December 3,2014

Johann van Beethoven
Maria Magdalena Leym
Born on December 17,1770 (Also got baptized)
Born into a family of court musicians
Born in Bonn, Germany
Married on November 12,1767

Very Strict and cruel
Tried to self-glorify himself through my beautiful Music
Extremely talented in the field of music
Wanted me to take his role as a competent court musician
Was able to play the clavier and violin at the age of four or five
Loved my mother more than my father
Very kind, gentle, and sweet
Tried to offset my father's negativity, but still was not enough
Composed my own music But my father said that i was too young
Major Events
Acquiring Christian Gottlob Neefe As a teacher
Separation Between Father
Relationship with my father began to weaken during the beginning of the Second Decade
Causes Include...
Desire for self-compositions
Becoming an assistant court organist at the electoral court
Places Lived
Closest Family Members/Friends
Romance/Marriage Partner(s)
Major Disappointments/Frustrations
Later Life
Mini Bio- Ludwig Van Beethoven
First Composition teacher
Publicized many of my first compositions
First compositions were made known through Neefe
Works included various sonatas, variations, and lieder
Replaced Neefe due to my expertise in composing through the court
The Second Decade:
Becoming a Professional musician/Composer

My family began to rely on me for their primary source of income
Led to more pressure
Sometimes compositions were not popular
Negatives as a result...
positives as a result...
More respect from family and people aware of my compositions
Expressed my proficiency in the field of music
Bonn, Germany
Location where I met my first composition teacher
Vienna, Austria
Considered to be the "City of Dreams"
Learned from Franz Joseph Haydn in this location
Eventually Died on March 26, 1827 in Vienna, Austria
health began to decline at Gneixendorf (Located near krems in lower Austria)
Feet were swollen with fluids
Afflicted with serious symptoms of lung inflammation
Prior to death...
Often did not get paid for my works/performances when i was young even with my amazing musical skills
Became deaf (slight deafness at Approximately around ages 28-30, and completely deaf by age 46)
Having to Compose music without being able to hear my own compositions
Worst Consequence was...
Moving to Vienna
Becoming a student under
Joseph Haydn
Arrived during the second week of November in 1792
Was Buried in währing cemetery
Here Lies
Johann Van Beethoven
Maria Magdalena Leym
Ludwig Maria
Caspar Anton Carl
Died after six days; negative
Constantly despising my works when i was a child; Negative
Always caring for me; positive
Nikolaus Johann
Anna Maria Franziska
Franz Georg
Order of Birth(Only Applies to family)
MAria MArgaretha Josepha
Died after a few days; negative
Died at the age of two; Negative
Died at the age of one-half; Negative
Always Fought; Negative
was constantly in a dispute; negative
Invited to study with Franz Joseph Haydn
Gained access to the houses of the hereditary nobility
Became the most preeminent pianist
Began to study in November 1792 until January 1794
Haydn was not exactly a sufficiently conscientious teacher
Due to Haydn's lack of skill in teaching, I earned lessons secretly from Johann Schenk as a result
Carl Czerny
Although Haydn found out about the secret lessons, he took pride in me and even presented me to Prince Paul Anton Esterházy at Eisenstadt in 1793
Became more popular as a result
Impressed me with prodigious
musical talent; positive
Ignaz Moscheles
Created several piano arrangements
with my compositions; Positive
Gottlob NEefe
First composition teacher; Positive
*NEver Got married
Eleonore Von Breuning- Her family assisted my family so much after my mother died (Positive)
Giulietta Giuccardi- Dedicated my "Moonlight Sonata" for her; was a genius in the field of music (Positive)
Creatures Of Prometheus
Composed around the 1800s
Created for chamber orchestras
Was able to achieve through extremely hard work and perseverance
difficult to complete this piece due to my loss of hearing
Piano Sonata No.14, Op. 27 (Moonlight Sonata)
Composed during the second period (1801-1814)
Created for Giulietta Giuccardi
Was able to achieve due to my longing for my love, Giulietta
difficult to achieve because I began to realize how much worse my deafness became
Only opera I ever composed
Created during the second period
Achievable through much preparation, as it was a work for an opera
difficult because I began to become deaf around this time
Christus am Ölberge
Composed at the beginning of 1803
First major work with a religious theme
Created in the aftermath of Heiligenstadt Testament
Was able to achieve it due to my determination of overcoming my deafness by ignoring it
Was difficult to achieve due to my depression
Symphony No.3 in e-flat, Op.55
Contained most explosive musical concepts
Created for dramatic expressions
completed in early 1804
Was achievable because I broke my boundaries, unlike Haydn and Mozart, allowing me to create new pieces
Was hard to achieve because the piece fluctuates from being "noble" to "dramatic"
Became extremely ill, ultimately leading to death
My brother Caspar died due to tuberculosis on November 15, 1815
Chose to keep my brother's son Karl
Author's Purpose
I believe the author felt that it was necessary to write Beethoven:Second Revised Edition in order to convey the life of Beethoven, one of the greatest Composers of all time
I believe this book is necessary to read in order to understand how perseverance is key to success, as Beethoven constantly composed even in the midst of being deaf
AFter reading this book, the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that Beethoven was constantly composing music even while being deaf
Studying under Haydn
Lived here for most my life, composing numerous arrangements
*The Heiligenstadt testament was a letter to my brothers Carl and Johann, expressing my depression of deafness and in a sense, my desire to overcome it
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