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Dream Media Arts Lab

dream lab that minimizes passive media viewing and encourages collaboration and creativity

Timothy King

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Dream Media Arts Lab

Dream Media Arts Creation Centre 10 21" imacs for video editing @$1000 each $10,000 8 ipads 16gb wifi $3992 Digital Rebel T3i Imaging Set 8 camera bodies w/ 18-55mm lenses and supporting lenses: ~$5000 Long Lense Macro lense x2 prime x2 Funky Finnish Furniture wheeled for collaboration
furniture for learning Macbook Air x10 $10,000 Wall or desk mounted Brightlink for digital collaboration Flying Still & Video Camera http://www.horizonhobby.com/products/ar-drone-quadricopter-orange-green-PTAPF720000 imagine the sports shots we could get! MOBILIZE & DIVERSIFY THE LAB! reduce friction in learning
reduce friction in collaboration
mobilize the furniture
mobilize the technology
mobilize the internet
reduce habitual use of technology
make passive FACEBOOK staring difficult
make creative collaboration easy
1:1 does not mean a desktop each (this isn't 1984 & these aren't TVs!) Powerful, resilient cameras that offer full manual control and many lense options Existing floor plan with radically revised seating plan Inspired by the Martela Inspiring School
and preventing the passive Facebook/youtubing
that seems like evolved TV watching. http://www.martela.com/In_English/Concepts/Inspiring_School middle of room completely fluid
all tables and chairs on lockable wheels all mobile tech tagged and charging at the end of each period using docks natural and full spectrum lit table for macro photography & model video production greenscreen studio with wall
and floor greened, full spectrum
lighting on sides and roof furniture usable on greenscreen doubles as brainstorming/media review area projected collaborative
digital wall or table multiple access to editing and pre-screening /table 10 27" imacs for video editing/heavy media processing work ... and also produce pro-quality video roof mounted Need to make media arts active and stop access to internet meaning passive consumption (de-facebook zombifying) http://strawd0gs.blogspot.com/2011/10/digital-zombies.html Designing access to the internet along 20th Century office design lines (desktops, students seated passively in front of them on static furniture) encourages passive media consumption. Better design choices will change these habits! Better classroom design around technology will also reduce distraction and allow students to focus on creation instead of consumption! Olympus PEN System Cameras that mean it multiple body options starting at the basic (and cheap) EP-1
many lense options
many adapter options
advanced control
spectacular video
~$5000 would outfit the class with 1 camera per group of 4 out of the ordinary camera options! Extend student video and photo projects with a resilient adventure proof camera that gets unique, challenging shots IT INFRASTRUCTURE imacs hard wired with gigabit ethernet to file server
maxed out memory (16Gb each) airbooks connect to one of two wireless N networks
11.6" screen
64Gb hard drive
4Gb memory 16Gb wifi
connect to one of two wireless N dedicated networks NETWORK redundant wireless network with dual band wireless N transmission for mobile electronics
gigabyte ethernet connections
teacher adjustable internet access
intelligent network switching based on productivity
creative activity focused, passive media consumption negating! A new mobilized/diversified techno-pedagogically sound media arts design centre The
Numbers Apple bits: Photo/Video: Furniture: Other Tech: $25,000 $5000 $9,000 $5,000 24 desks @ $200ea, 28 chairs @$150ea file server, routers, misc networking, software total: ~ $41,000 comparison Current, static, all desktop school lab with board imaged, MDG intentionally hobbled WindowsXP computers that barely do anything useful and offer students access to less than 1/10th the online space they would have on a free Google account (or 1/25th the space they currently have on UGcloud). $1800/computer x 28 computers = $50,400 $10,000 more for a lab that does nothing useful using old Windows, broken browser (incorrectly installed Internet Explorer) and useless word processor (Wordperfect), and enocurages bad habits and causes IT headaches (server overload, constant maintenance by board IT, etc) ... and that includes mobile technology and ergonomic chairs and mobile desks that actually encourage collaboration http://prezi.com/bjmmmgc3aka5/a-digital-skills-continuum-differentiating-technology/?kw=view-bjmmmgc3aka5&rc=ref-1136060
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