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Final Exam Review

No description

Ethan Gaubert

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review
-Take out your study guides
- Be ready to review
Scientific Method
- Be sure you know and can explain the method:
- Problem
- Research
- Hypothesis
- Experiment
- Data and Graphing
- Conclusion

** IV, DV, constant, control variables
Helpful Sources
Info and Dates
- The study guide is to be answered in written form, or it may be typed.
- No need to write the questions again.
- 100% of answers equals 100% grade....anything less is unacceptable
**Due Wednesday May 3rd**
**Sci. LEAP is Friday May 5th**
**Same study guide is used for FINAL EXAM**
Know where and how to use atomic numbers, and atomic masses.
Know groups and periods
Bohr Models
Lewis Dot Models
How to create ions and bonds
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