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No description

Chantelle Barling

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of TEEN WOLF

Teen wolf is a tv series on MTV its is about werewolves and other supernatural shapeshifters.
Scott McCall is the main character in the story. his best friend is Stiles and his first love was Allison Argent. He meets many more characters in the story but theses are the first main characters. Scott got bitten by an Alpha named Peter Hale and that's what turned him into a beta, a follower of the alpha. Scott's best friend's crush, Lydia, also gotten bitten by peter but she didn't turn into a werewolf but a banshee . Scott had to learn how to control his supernatural powers and his teacher was Derek Hale. He turned into a true Alpha trying to help and defend his friends without killing their enemies.
stiles is Scott's best friend and even though he is not supernatural he has some smarts and most of the time stiles is the one person who solves the problem with his detective skills. He was the reason why Scott is a werewolf now, he lead him to the woods trying to find a dead body. Stiles has a crush and that person is Lydia Martin, that relashionship didn't work but stiles is with a girl named Malia in some later seasons.
DEREK grew up in a family of werewolves and his house was burnt and his family burnt alive but there were a couple of survivers, Peter Hale and his sister Cora he was a powerful and strong werewolf and had alot of control. he was the one who taught scott to control his powers and how to be confident with those special powers
"like my mother used to say I'm a predator I don't have to be a killer."- Derek
Lydia Martin is a nice sweet girl and can hold big parties, she got bitten by an Alpha name Peter Hale and she didnt turn into a werewolf but a banshee, she was fighting the werewolf inside her and the banshee that was inisde her was revealed. She screams whenever someone is about to die but she can also be lead to dead bodies. Lydia loved a boy named stiles Stilinski but that relashionship didn't work.Lydia became friends with scott and his group from allison, scotts ex. Banshee- a spirit in the form of a whailing woman who appears to or is heard by members of a family as a sign that one of them is about to die
Allison Argent was an accomplished archer and gymnast, her family life was difficult with her father being a werewolf hunter. Allison had 1 true love and that was Scott Mccall. she took the news to shock when she discovered that Scott was a werewolf and a period of time later she broke up with Scott and went and help her family. Allison was still friends with Scott but until her final words she confessed that she still loved him and she will forever love him.
Argent is the french word for silver
thank you for watching and listening to my prezi about TEEN WOLF
Prior to becoming a werewolf Scott had severe asthma and lacked athletic skill, he carried his puffer around everywhere he went so if he had an asthma attack.Scott attended Beacon Hills High in California and his mother, Melissa Mccall, was a nurse at Beacon Hills Hospital. Scott had an after school job at the animal clinic as an assistant to his mentor Dr.Deaton or Druid.
Throughout season 3 Scott possessed some stronger powers than a normal beta but he didn't belong in a pack so he was an omega,a lone wolf, Scott's eyes turned from yellow to red in different occasions and Deaton had an answer and its was that Scott was a true alpha, an alpha that doesnt need to kill another alpha to gain that type of power, mid-season Scott attains the status of an alpha and in season 4 he gained all of his powers of a true alpha
Stiles was another student at Beacon Hills High, he is the son of the Beacon county Sheriff Stilinski. His mother died in 2004, he was present when she died and for an unknown reason he blames himself. Stiles is sarcastic, funny and outspoken. He is frustrated when he became the Robin to Scotts's Batman but he is a loyal friend. For a long time he has loved a girl named Lydia Martin but their relationship transformed into a strong friendship. Stiles has a strong relationship with Malia a werecoyote.
Derek lived in the Hale house and with his mother Talia Hale. he fell into a relationship with a werewolf hunter, Kate Argent, she used him to get information to accomplish the fire of the Hale house that killed most of his family Derek's sister was dieing and he made a very powerful move by giving up his alpha powers to save her so his eyes went from red to blue. In the end Derek has learn't to fully turn into a wolf form.
Lydia has developed a lot from being around and meeting Allison,Scott and Stiles. Lydia got attacked on the night of the Winter Formal and surprisingly she didn't turn into a werewolf. These supernatural threats arose again and she kept on finding dead bodies around Beacon hills. Lydia also fell in love with one of the twins named Aiden who was killed. The love between Aiden and Lydia was much stronger than the relationship between Stiles and Lydia, stydia as the ship name.
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