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180 Degrees Consulting Presentation 2012

Information about 180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting UNSW

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of 180 Degrees Consulting Presentation 2012

Why A 'win-win' for non-profits and students Students Receive affordable consulting services
Get to have people come in with fresh eyes to offer creative solutions to obstacles they are facing
Are helped to achieve a greater social impact Gain work experience by applying your university studies in a practical environment
Receive exclusive training by the world’s most prestigious consulting company
Acknowledged on your Secondary University Transcript
Make a tangible difference to effectiveness of non-profit organisations
Have the opportunity to go on an international project
Get invited to exciting social events
Boost your CV Non-Profits Where What Chapters Past Projects CanTeen
Acquired and measured the value of corporate partnerships for an established charity
Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation
Developed social media strategy to better engage their hospital staff and local community
Sir David Martin Foundation
Quantified the benefit they provide to the underprivileged youths they serve
Wesley Mission
Consolidated their communication and messaging systems to operate more effectively Consultants are required to:
Attend a one-hour team meetings most weeks
Meet with the non-profit organisation they are consulting for a few times throughout the semester
Contribute to the writing of a consulting report
Attend the bi-annual presentation evening

To apply:
Go to our website: http://180dc.org/hub/village/apply and fill in the application form BY FRIDAY MIDNIGHT 9th MARCH
If successful:
Team members: Attend group interview
Team leaders: Attend one-on-one interview Get Involved an international pro bono student consultancy that works with non-profit organisations to help them overcome business challenges they are facing Current Projects A Start In Life
Books in Homes
Good Return
Grameen Foundation
Heart Foundation
Nepean Youth Accomodation Service
Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation
SydWest Multicultural Services
The Shepherd Centre
Unicorn Foundation
Variety NSW
Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Key Dates Team Leader Training Event – 9th March 9am to 11am (Only for Team leaders)
Team Induction Event – 14th March 6pm to 9pm
180 Training Day #1 – 16th March
180 End of Semester Event – 24th May 6pm to 9pm
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