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Tackling Essay Questions

The HOWs

Azhar Mohammed Noh

on 21 July 2010

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Transcript of Tackling Essay Questions

PURPOSE OF ESSAY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU START: MANAGEMENT of TIME EXAMINATION TECHNIQUES Designed to test knowledge of concepts and to present knowledge in a logical and concise manner Be familiar with texts, study notes
Know their strengths & weaknesses in the subject
Know how to handle essay questions
Attempt some questions under simulated exam conditions
Be organised
Manage their time well
Be Aware of: time allocated
structure of paper
number of questions to be answered Planning the Time
for each section
for each essay question
for checking at the end
Answering the Question: Analyse & Plan the question
Read & Interpret qsn carefully
Jot notes next to the qsn when reading for the 1st time
Underline / Note the ‘Keywords’ & ‘Instruction’ words.
Identify the main issues or concepts behind it.
Pay attention to the ‘Keywords’:
Mark out the key and instruction words.

- choice of cooking methods
- role of vitamins & minerals
- healthy meals
INSTRUCTION WORDS – Discuss / Explain / Justify

Analyse : Separate into Parts
Describe : Give a detailed account
Illustrate : Give concrete examples to explain
Discuss : Examine by argument for and against
Differentiate : Show the difference between 2 items Conceptualise & Organise answer
Write down initial ideas
Look for central themes, concepts & connecting thoughts
Categorise answers by ideas
Summarise ideas by mapping them out or numbering points/ideas in order they will be used.
Present & Qualify answers

3 Main Sections
Introductory Paragraph
Introduce the topic
Show how you will structure the essay Body
Identify & present major points systematically, clearly & precisely.
Support ideas with relevant & factual or logical evidence
Summarise your argument
It’s important to know the theory well. Or else, you will find that writing essays will be a chore.

The amount that you write does not mean that you will gain maximum marks. It’s the content that matters.
FINAL NOTES Let's start our planning now!
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