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Teens Spending Too Much Money on Sneakers

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Gideon Davinsky

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Teens Spending Too Much Money on Sneakers

The End

Teens Spending Too Much Money on Sneakers
By Gideon Davinsky
Jordan. Chuck Taylor, Nike, Adidas. These are all favorite shoe brands for teenagers in 2013. Many teens say they will spend hundreds of dollars on these designer brands, and only because of the brand. The brands have become status symbols.

How Much Sneakers Cost
The average basketball sneaker cost about $130 nowadays. That’s really expensive compared to what they cost in the 80s. The first Jordan sneaker cost about $60. Now that same sneaker resells on eBay for up to $400!

How Much Teens Spend on Sneakers
“In the Teens Today poll, students said they would spend between $90-$170 on one pair of sneakers.  JMA student Joseph Pouncey says “ the highest he would pay for a pair of sneakers is $240 if he really liked them.” $240! That is ridiculous. This reflects the absolute consumerism of our culture. $240 for a pair of shoes. Dang

The most important way to cut back spending is self-control. In my family we limit my brother and I to 4 pairs of shoes per year each. You need to set up a savings account to save your money in, and don’t have too big of a weekly spending budget. Limit yourself.

How to Cut Back on Spending
In many schools across the country, including ours, having fresh sneakers is seen as a status symbol. Having cool sneakers can help move you up the social ladder. I’m here to tell you that if you cant get up the social ladder without sneakers, when you get to the top, you shouldn’t be there.

You Don't Need Sneakers to be Cool
As Jordan brand realized that people would buy the same shoes over and over again because of the hype, they started to rerelease shoes multiple times. They moved factories to China, so that they could have cheaper labor. But as each shoes released again, the quality decreased. Jordan brand figure that they could make bad quality shoes for less and people would still buy them for more
Retro's Rereleased: What it means for Shoe Quality
“Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts.” Ever greater amounts. Our society encourages the consumption of products, such as shoes, that are ever increasing in cost. We shop just to show that we have money. We shop just to shop. If we could change this mentality, we could force companies to reduce their prices, and we will spend so much less.

Hip Hop and sneakers have always gone hand and hand. Run DMC had a song called My Adidas, Future has a song called Michael Jordan, sneakers are inlaid in the culture. These songs have greatly inflamed sneaker prices, because people will pay anything to be like their favorite rapper.

Hip Hop Style
“I think that as long as its your on money you should be able to spend as much as you want on what ever you want. I personally love sneakers, and try to get the ones that I like.”

My Little Brother’s Opinion on Sneakers and Sneakerheads
My mom believes that even though its my money, I should have limits on how much as should spend. My dad thinks that collecting sneakers is too expensive of a hobby and that I should do something else.

My Parents Opinion on Sneakers and Sneakerheads
No company has come under as much criticism as Nike. It was shown that conditions were sub-par in several areas of Nike’s factories overseas and minimal standards needed to be reached for all employees. Nike has exploited workers in Asia for financial gain. For several years little was known about Nike’s factories simply because there was little concern. But once news broke, the company was attacked a lot and strict recommendations were made to improve conditions. Some have proposed a boycott on Nike products until conditions in their factories improve significantly.

Sneaker Companies’ Cheap Labor
In believe that although you should be able to spend your money on what you want, spending extravagant amounts of money on status symbols is a ridiculous waste. Control yourself.

My Opinion on Sneakers and Sneakerheads.
Don't Let It Become an Obsession





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