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How does design influence society?

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Charlotte Pardon

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of How does design influence society?

How does design influence society?
Primary research
For my primary research I looked at the advertising side of design and how influenced people are by advertising by constructing a survey on this.
I created a calendar structure for the plan of my project.
My chosen subject
My initial research included...
My initial research was secondary, researching online and in books well known designers that have influenced society, and in which ways they have done this.
Problems with my survey
Initially some of the answers which I received where unreliable so I had to eliminate these from my data
design; graphics, fashion
'Are we slaves to brands?'
I decided to use survey monkey because it was the most sufficient and reliable survey website I started by using Survey Planet but it was complicated and confusing.
Survey monkey was efficient, and collected my information in an easily viewable way.
I chose graphic design originally because it was something I wanted to pursue at university but my research pushed me into different areas and I adapted my question to broaden it.
In my project I have...
Explored when design initially began,the communication of design and the influences which it has on society.
40,00 years ago
I also looked at branding and how society would look if there was nothing to identify the different brand of cars, shops, products and establishments? Have brands influenced us so much that we are dependent on them?
Brief overview
Why branding?
Skills gained
Constructing a survey
How to construct primary resources effectively
How to judge secondary resources; reliable?
How to effectively plan a project
Presentation Skills
What would I change?
I would manage my time more efficiently so that I could construct more primary research as I think that would of really benefited my project. Perhaps making my plan more in depth would of helped this.
What was successful in my project?
The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme; influencing society.
Fashion industry influences
Advertising influences
60% of people from my survey believe that they are influenced by advertising
Just over 60% have bought something which they have seen in an advertisement
This information proves that advertising is effective and does have an impact on society
Most useful parts of survey
Time management
I think that the primary research which I gathered was strong and did help back up my ideas.

My secondary research I also think was good and came from reliable sources.


what things are influential?
Surprising Findings
I was surprised that 8/10 younger people found advertising engaging because I expected this to be the older generation which had this view.
how is it influential?
Initially I didn't have a range of ages respond which limited my research, so I printed some of my surveys and gave them to the older generation.
I also had a diary to help keep me on track with my research and tasks
My Diary
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