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King Cogidubnus

No description

Laura Coe

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of King Cogidubnus

King Cogidubnus WHO WAS HE? -Cogidubnus was a member of a family that ruled a tribe called the ATREBATES
-After the Romans invaded in AD43 he was appointed King of his tribe which was then renamed the REGNENSES - Cogidubnus was a faithful supporter of the Romans
- He became a CLIENT KING, which meant he ruled his land on behalf of the emperor, collecting taxes and keeping peace. WHERE DID HE LIVE? - Not only did the REGNENSES receive a new king, but also a new capital town NOVIOMAGUS. This is now where Chichester stands.
- 5 kilometers from Noviomagus, was a new village called FISHBOURNE where he was believed to have lived. - At the site of FISHBOURNE, archaeologists discovered the remains of a large palace, which was similar to ones found in Rome.
- It had a huge courtyard that was surrounded by sets of rooms. They decided that King Cogidubnus was the most likely owner, due to its location and size. WHAT DID HE DO FOR THE ROMANS AND WHAT DID THEY DO FOR HIM IN RETURN? - He dedicated a temple to two Roman Gods instead of the British gods : Neptune, God of the sea and Minerva, Goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship.
- The Temple was a reminder of Roman power and it also allowed him to publicly declare his loyalty to Rome. - In return, he was granted a Roman citizenship, and it was believed that his palace was presented to him as a remembrance of his loyalty. WAS HE WISE TO SIDE WITH THEM? Good points of siding with the Romans
- Not only did he receive power, but also wealth and a huge palace courtesy of the Romans
- His tribe would become better off, and be provided with protection from other tribes Bad points of siding with the Romans
- Other tribes in Britain might see siding with the Romans a cowardly thing , when instead they should be supporting Britain.
- Several leaders like Boudica who tried to fight back against the Romans weren't successful. WHAT EVIDENCE DO WE HAVE ABOUT HIM? - A slab of stone inscribed with Latin words was discovered in Chichester 1723
- When it was found it was broken, but once it was fitted back together it was clear that it was a DEDICATION STONE of Neptune and Minerva's temple commissioned by Cogidubnus. - Roman DEDICATION STONES are similar to FOUNDATION STONES that are found nowadays in buildings.
- The inscription helped historians to reconstruct part of Cogidubnus' life story. WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE IN HIS SITUATION? Given Cogidubnus' situation, I would have acted the same way as he did. By siding with the Romans it would have given my tribe protection and access to better trading routes. It would also have presented me with riches and power! Although it may be a cowardly thing to do, I would not have liked to be in Boudica's or other rebels' situations! THANK YOU!
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