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Copy of the inner circle by Gary Crew

No description

ruby ward

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of the inner circle by Gary Crew

The Inner Circle
by Gary Crew

Tony (main character)
The book 'The Inner Circle' is about two teenage boys who struggle for personal identity against the prejudice and the indifference of the world.
Tony's house
The note read.
Joe (main character)
Tony is now 17-
his mum doesn't want him and his dad seems to be avoiding him.
I feel like. . .nobody wants me.
stan (farther)
Mum and Dad become Angie and Stan; two people Tony stayed with.
One day Tony comes home to find a letter.
Tony rides to the park on his bike from Angie's house.
Stan, I've had enough. It's all over. You know where I am. Give me some time, then Tony can come. You'll cope.
Angie (mum)
Stan (father)
He stumbles upon the old power station.
In an abandoned old power station slept an Aboriginal teenage boy named Joe.
Then Tony began visiting Joe at the power station from time to time. .
Going back to the power station chilled, he talked to Joe about his problems. He'd never told anyone what he told Joe before.
This is where Tony and Joe met for the first time.
Tony slept the night in the power station.
Tony invited Joe to go fishing.
hey Joe i was wondering if you like to go fishing with me and my dad on the
Joe is a teenage Aboriginal boy who has moved to the city to get a job, his family is counting on him. If he came home jobless and broken, all their dreams would
be shattered and he would bring shame to his family. Joe was the proof that the family could make it one day... but Joe struggles to get a job as he suffers from racism and judgment. He grew up in the country far from the city.
Joe decided to take Tony to his house in the country to meet his family.
Joe! Joe!
Hi, son!
Annie (Joes sister)
Joes parents
A while later after visiting Joe's family, Joe gets a call from his sister, Annie, saying that Tony's gone and they can't seem to find him. Joe becomes worried and goes out to find him.
Joe goes back to the old power station and finds a letter from Tony.
I can't say I'm sorry. It had to happen. I've written to my mum and dad. Maybe they'll care. I don't know. I took the photo, i know you wont mind, you have the reality. I won't forget you Joe, but somewhere, I'm sure, the wild palms grow-let me find them too.
That's the end of the story 'The Inner Circle'
by Ruby Ward, Yun Zaw, Mikhaela Powell and Napatra Vandanathorn
The Inner Circle review
Ruby review
: I thought the book was a little confusing at the beginning but became clear towards the the middle/end but over all I liked it, it was realistic and it was interesting.

I like the way the author used language to write the book, One chapter with Tony's point of view the other with Joe's point of view. I though it pretty interesting.
I thought the book was a little confusing at the start but once i got into it, it became more clear on what was going on. I really enjoyed the book and i though it was really interesting. I'd definitely read it again!
no comment
Then Stan finds the letter.
In an abandoned old power station slept an aboriginal teenage boy named Joe.
What we thought about doing the presentation.
At first we had no idea what we where going to do, it took a few weeks it to decide.I had a look at prezi and started to design it. So yeah, i thought it was fun, it got frustrating and stressful sometimes but we got throw.
One day Tony comes home to find a letter.
Thanks for watching!
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