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Have aliens ever landed on earth T.H

No description

Tiff England

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Have aliens ever landed on earth T.H

Have aliens ever landed on Earth? Summary Scientists believe that aliens could exist but have not yet landed on earth.
I have been studying the question 'have aliens ever landed on earth?' or probably the bigger question do aliens exist? Arguments for Arguments for there have been believable sightings
scientists believe that aliens exist
on a survey 58.8% of people believe in aliens Out of the many trillion trillion trillion planets in our universe there must be life on at least one of those shouldn't there?
Many scientists including proffesor Stephen Hawkings and proffesor Brian Cox believe that aliens exist.
There have been sightings by many people including R.A.F. pilots. Arguments against Arguments
against There has been no real evidence that aliens exist and therefore have not landed on earth.
The nearest planet to us that is able to support life is light years away and so it would take many many years to get here.
Scientist have been sending out signals into space but so far there has been no reply. Statistics from research This is an answer to the question what do you think an alien would look like. All but two of the respondents to my survey thought that aliens haven't landed on earth. My opinion My opinion is that aliens do exist but have not yet landed on earth.I believe this because out of the trillions and trillions and trillions of planets in the cosmos so there must be life on other planets apart from us on earth. This question that I have been studying is probably the biggest question that scientist have been trying to answer since the beginning of the human race. This question has also given alot of ideas to writers all over the world, one of the biggest sci-fi film is probably Star Wars. Thankyou for listening and I hope you enjoyed my presentation. These are two answers to the question what is your definition of an alien? These are two answers to the question what is your definition of an alien?
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