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Cycle of socialization

No description

Yesica Brambila

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Cycle of socialization

Cycle of socialization
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Social Identity
Ethnicity: Mexican
Race: Hispanic

Religion: Catholic
Physical Ability: Able body
1st Language: Spanish
National Origin: USA
Age: 18
Socio-Economic Class: Middle-class
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

The Beginning
When people think of think of hispanics, they think of....
Farm workers
Dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes
Hard working class
Can't speak English
Not as smart
Stealing people jobs
First Socialization
Norms & Rules made by parents I had to live by.
The males in my house never picked up dish or made food.
Never speak back to my elders because it was a sign of disrespect.
I couldn't go anywhere unless I had a sibling with me.
I couldn't date anyone unless they officially came and asked my parents for permission.
My brothers had more freedom then me.
Right when I turned 16 I had to get a job.
Work was first instead of education.
I was put in ELD (writing support) classes because I was Hispanic.
Seen as "likely to not graduate", "likely to not go to college"
On TV shows the house keepers, yard workers, and farm workers are usually people of color.

I Didn't have the same privileges as everyone else. My parents didn't get an education, so when I struggled with school work I had no one to ask for help. I would get frustrated with my parents because they had no clue how to help me when I was applying for college.
Every time I walk around campus I am reminded that I am a minority with the constant stares when I speak spanish on the phone, it reminds me that I am different.
Action Plan
I'm going to go talk to the Avid program at my High school about how I am over coming the obstacles of being a hispanic student in a predominantly white school, and how I made it to college even though I was only expected to graduate high school. Avid is a program for first generation students who are a minority, that want to get a higher education but don't know how. If it wasn't for the Avid program I most likely wouldn't be attending college right now, I would be another statistic.
BY Yesica Brambila
Key learning moment
After watching the video of the two guys and girl who were taking the bikes I realized that people justify our actions by the color of our skin. It reminded me of the time my brother was accused of trying to steal a jacket at Burlington co. factory. He was trying it on and decided to walk over to the women section to show my mom, while he was heading over there he was followed by a white male employe. My brother over heard him on his walky-talky talking to another co-worker, he told him " There is a mexican trying to steal a jacket, call security". After my mom confronted the manager for accusing my brother all they told her was that they were sorry for the confusion.
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