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Labor and Delivery

No description

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of Labor and Delivery

Special Delivery
First Stage
Begins-Cervix thin as it dilates from 0 to 4 inches (10 cm)
Beginning contractions about 15-30 minutes apart
-End of this stage, contractions are 2-4 minutes apart and are strong and frequent.
Baby into position for birth.

Second Stage
Contractions move baby through birth canal
Pushing stage
Lasts from minutes to hours
Forceps and vacuum extractors
help head through birth canal
, or emerges first

, a cut made at opening, is necessary to prevent tearing
Third Stage
Uterus contracts and placenta separates from uterine walls
Placenta is expelled (afterbirth)
Shortest and least painful stage

Cesarean section
A small incision made in the lower abdomen and uterus where the baby is delivered
Natural childbirth
No medications
relax the body by using breathing techniques
Water Birth
Becoming more popular
water helps mom relax and softens the shock of deliver for mom and baby

A type of spinal block used to deaden pain during labor and delivery
Mom can still push and participate in the labor

Medicine is given intravenously to induce labor.
Done when there is danger to the health of the baby or mother
What happens during Labor and Delivery?
Crouching method
squatting down and letting gravity help deliver the baby
less chance of tearing
used in more primitive societies

Newborn Baby's First Breath
Baby's lungs are collapsed before delivery
Lungs fill with amniotic fluid during delivery
Most of fluid squeezed out in birth canal
Once oxygen hits lungs, blood begins circulation to and from lungs
How does the baby look?
Limbs are skinny and features flat
Head wobbly and too large for body
Skull lopsided or pointy
-soft spots on head where bones haven't grown together
Newborn's Face
May be swollen
Fat cheeks
Short, fat nose
Receding chin
Eyes nearly the size of adult's
African, Asian and Hispanic decent often have brown eyes
Caucasian eyes are dark grayish blue

Welcome to the world!

What is that stuff all over my baby?
-Fine, downy hair growing on forehead, back, and shoulders
-Thick, white, pasty substance made up of shed skin cells and secretions
-Tiny, white bumps on their nose and cheeks. Known as baby acne. Plugged oil ducts

Love at first sight!
Bonding helps brain development
Holding, rocking, singing, reading, use of baby carrier, and routines are bonding experiences
Legal Documents
Birth Certificate: Parents fill out form in hospital. Receive in a couple of weeks
Social Security number: Hospital will have forms
Premature Babies
Born before 37 weeks
Many spent time in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) until internal organs function on their own
Postnatal period
Take care of Mother's Physical needs
Rest, exercise, good nutrition, medical checkups
And Emotional needs
Baby Blues
Postpartum depression
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