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Copy of Oral Report #1

Honors english 10-Whirligig

Kimberly Miller

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Oral Report #1

By: Paul Fleischman Whirligig Both him and his father, Sid Fleischman, have won the Newbery Medal About the author Born in Santa Monica, California in 1952 An American author of children's books Has two sons and one daughter Graduated from the University of New Mexico He likes writing children books because of the freedom he gets when it comes to making up his own genres Brent Bishop Main Character 11th grade
16 – 17 years old
Straight blond hair Indirect characterization Direct characterization Follower- Changed his earring to the left ear Bad temper-”And keeping the right music flowing, using headphones between house and car, was as vital as maintaining a sacred flame” Lea’s mother Other Characters Brent’s parents Jonathan Chaz Brianna Lea Zamora *He also meets several people along his adventure while setting up the whirligigs
(The biker, maid, artist, etc.) Chicago- Just moved here
-came from Atlanta
-4 moves in the past 7 years
-Attends Montfort School Setting Washington
Maine { 4 corners of the United States Rising Action Brent Bishop goes to a party that he counts on to make him cool
After getting humiliated, he drives away drunk
He makes the decision he wants his life to end here and all the pain he goes through with trying to fit in and lets go of the wheel Major Conflicts Brent vs. himself (Man vs. self) -Brent decides to kill himself after being humiliated at a party
Brent vs. Mrs. Zamora (Man vs. man) -Brent has to face Lea’s mother after he had killed her daughter
Brent vs. self (Man vs. self)-Brent feels he doesn't belong in the world and his life is ruined because he had done something bad Climax Brent Bishop's life changes
when he kills an 18 year old
girl named Lea Zamora
He makes this mistake that
will always be with him for
the rest of his life Falling Action “This is my only request. That you make four whirligigs, of a girl that looks like Lea. Put her name on them. Then set them up in Washington, California, Florida, and Maine-the corners of the United States. Let people all over the country receive joy from her even though she's gone. You make the smiles that she would have made. It’s the only thing you can do for me.” She exhaled. “That’s what I ask.” (page 41) Resolution “It struck him now that the crash wasn’t only something that he’d done to her. When they’d met, he was longing to be swallowed by the blackness. Shed set him in motion, motion that he was now transferring to others.” (page 132)
“He thought he might build some more whirligigs. Maybe he’d start on a lifetime project of putting one up in every state.” (page 132) Theme Your life isn’t over if you make a bad mistake. Although that one mistake will stay with you the rest of your life, you can always rethink your life and make up for what you’ve done.
Near the end of the book Brent's life completely changes. Leas death has changed his life for the better. Florida Maine (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Washington California 4 Whirligigs a public park (Harp player) An adopted, fifth grade boy, named Anthony, realizes his life isn't as bad as he thinks the hostels porch (mermaid) A 15 year old girl named Jenny and her grandmother become closer as they admire Brent’s whirligig in California on the corner of a picnic table on the beach (marching band) a dad learns an important lesson about life and seeing Brent’s marching band whirligig made him stop and think-if the people got along then they would play good music, and last, in Maine
“And whenever there's a group, there's fighting. If the people in the group get along, maybe they make good music instead of arguing…...That's how life is. I stared at that marching band. Then I got in the car and drove home” (page 62) in the artists yard (a girl- biggest one) two best friends, Stephanie and Alexandra reunite.
“But just in case unseen forces do exist, I pay my respects to them by keeping the whirligig painted and repaired. I check it after every winter. Sometimes Alexandra helps.” (page 32) Paul Fleischman Sid Fleischman Brent Bishop: Symbol Chameleon
Brent changes throughout the book just as a chameleon changes colors to fit its surroundings
Brent changes his look each time he moves to fit with what the style is there Summary A sixteen year old boy named Brent Bishop and his family move to Chicago as their fourth move in the past seven years. He goes to a party with his friend Jonathan hoping it will be his chance to fit in with the popular kids. Leaving humiliated, he gets in his car drunk and drives away. Taking enough of the pain, he wants to end his life here, so he decides to let go of the wheel. He did not end up killing himself, but another girl who is 18 years old and name is Lea Zamora. When he meets with her mother, her only request is to set up four whirligigs resembling her daughter in the four corners of the United States. He is given an unlimited bus pass that will get him anywhere he wants so he can get the job done. His whirligigs end up affecting many people and this incident changes Brent's life forever. He realizes he can move on and continue living happy even though this mistake will always be with him. His old life ends while a new one starts with a totally new Brent. Connection Brent has moved 4 times in the last 7 years and had to leave friends, family, and memories behind. I can relate to this because I have moved 4 times as well. I went to a different middle school each year, having to readjust and make all new friends. Also it was my dads job that transferred us so many times. It was a chance to start over and have new beginnings. Whirligigs I think the whirligigs in the book symbolize Brent's steps to a new life
Each time he makes a whirligig, he ends up enjoying it Internal Internal external Recommendation I definitely recommend this book because things like this can happen in life
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