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No description

octavio oliveros

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Hydroelectric

Hydroelectric where does it come from? Comes from water How does my energy source work? water goes through a tube push against and turns blades in a turbine to spin a generator, then the generator sends out the electric current flow & fall determine how much is produced The past... This form of renewable energy is one of the oldest known Water was used thousands of years ago to turn a paddle wheel for purposes such as grinding grain First recorded record of hydro power was used in a factory were 16 brush arc lamps were used to give light in the Wolverine Chair Factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan Advantages Disadvantages -Minimal enviorment impact -Relativley useful levels
of energy production -Inexhaustible or cant be
entirely used -Can be used thoughout world -Smaller damns depend on availability of fast flowing steams or rivers -Run off river plants can
impact the mobility of fish
and other river life What does a city have to
do to make the switch over? They would have to build a hydroelectric damn that can produce the energy they need.Inside the damn they will need to run powerlines coming off the generator which would supply the city. First Hydroelectric Dam built in Missouri Forsyth,MO 1913 Present day By: Octavio Oliveros The End cost? average of .85 cents per kilowatt-hour The United States is the second leading country in hydroelectric use. It uses 255 billion kilowatts-hour every year average house hold uses
8,000 kilowatts-hour per year
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