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LGBT Adoption Worldwide

Adoption issues in a select number of countries world wide as well as options for LGBT individuals and couples to become parents.

Connor McCauley

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of LGBT Adoption Worldwide

LGBT Adoption Worldwide Myths and Rumors CountrIes Opposed to LGBT AdoptIon CountrIes Unsure
about LGBT AdoptIon CountrIes In Support of LGBT AdoptIon Only acceptable home is with a married mother and father.

They need a mother and father for female and male role models.

Gay parents don't know how to be good parents.

Gay parents are more likely to raise kids to be gay.

Gay parents' children will be subjected to harassment. Italy one of the few European Countries still not recognizing LGBT rights in Europe.

Italy's laws are strongly connected to the Roman Catholic Church and all laws must pass the scrutiny of the Church.

Adoptions are only legal to legally married couples who can prove that they have lived together for a minimum of three years.

Arcigay is the foremost group
working for legal rights in Italy.
They're work is closely tied
to the openly gay politician
Franco Grillini. United States of America Varied responses to LGBT adoption rights among states

States Like Louisiana and Florida have
passed or are attempting to pass laws
directly forbidding LGBT adoptions.

LGBT individuals may petition to adopt
in Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio.

Same-sex couple may jointly petition to adopt
Illegal in 6 states as well as parts of New York
No explicit prohibitions in 20 states
Unclear in 8 States

Same-sex partner may petition to adopt partner's child
Illegal in 4 states
In some jurisdictions of 11 states
No explicit prohibition in Michigan
Unclear in 17 States

South Africa was the fifth country in the world and the first in Africa to legalize LGBT Adoptions.

Althought President Kgalema Motlanthe is largely outspoken against LGBT rights, parliament has proven to be very much the opposite. South Africa Netherlands Beginning Process
- Consultation with attorney and psychologist

Matching Process
- Surrogate mother selects couple

Medical Procedures
- In-Vitro Fertilization
- Artificial Insemination

The Pregnancy and Beyond
- Stay in contact
- Establish rights at second trimester
- Parents present at birth
Surrogate Mothers (CSP, Center for Surrogate ParentIng, Inc.)
Much of Africa is very opposed to LGBT behavior. 38 countries outlaw homosexuality. Africa http://www.constitutionalcourt.org.za/text/rights/know/homosexual.html








Citation Phil Hughes
Xinjuan Joanne Jiao
Dan Sturrock
Connor McCauley
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