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Native American Cartoons

No description

Jessica Carrillo

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Native American Cartoons

Whether it be in movies, books, cartoons etc. Native Americans have always been subject to stereotypes. Native Americans are always depicted with red faces, wearing feathers on their head and living in teepees.
People don't realize that the modern day Native American is just like anyone else. Even though most stereotypes are bad and untrue, some do overlap with Native American characteristics. In the past, Native Americans have been known to be highly spiritual and tribal. Some of these concepts remain today. Some Native Americans today still practice cultural rituals to help maintain their heritage. Is it accurate? The imagery depicting The Native Americans is not always accurate but it does not offend their culture because based on little knowledge. Many of the stereotypes inaccurately represent the Native Americans One overlap is the belief that all Native Americans are very tribal. Modern Native Americans don't t wish to give up their tribal culture and customs, but to no extent is it like what it used to be hundreds of years ago.
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