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mind maping

acts 3 and 4

Karah Anderson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of mind maping

"Cyrano de Bergerac" Act 3 Ragueneau ends up going broke because the poets arent paying with money. His wife leaves him for a musketeer. Ragueneau ends up hanging himself but Cyrano cuts him down. So now he works for Roxanes house. Roxane favorite intellectual is Christian. De guiche gets promoted to general. Roxane ends up tricking De Guiche into having Christain and Cyrano stay back from the battle. She says they love to fight so them staying back would make them angry. She only says this cause she wants them to be safe. Christian has one problem, the problem is that he says i love you to much. Roxane wants more than just i love you, she wants it peotically. Roxane loves Cyranos peotry, but Christian cant write peotry. Christian ends up going to Roxanes window sill
to talk to her, Sence Christian doesnt know poetry very well he has Cyrano feed him words. Christian then decieds he doesnt need help and that he wants to talk to her himself. The only thing he says is i love you. Roxane doesnt like that and starts getting angry at him. Cyrano ends up stepping in and talking for Christain. Sence it is dark out Roxane doesnt notice that it really isnt Christian talking anymore. She starts like him again and offers him a kiss. Christian wants the kiss but Cyrano doesnt. De Guiche's sends over a messenger(a priest) saying that he is coming over.
Christian and Cyrano are over also. De Guiche likes Roxane and is coming over to talk about it. ROxane starts fake reading the letter saying that De Guiche sent over the priest so Roxane and Christian can get married. The priest doesnt think that is right, so Roxane also reads from the letter saying De Guiche will donate money to the church. So Cyrano promises Roxane that he will stall De Guiche so they can get married. Cyrano pretends to be someone else, saying that he just got back from the moon. Roxane comes out saying her and Christain just got married. De Guiche is angry that he was just tricked. He sends Christian and Cyrano to battle in the front line. Act 4 Cyrano writes to Roxane every day while he is away at battle. Cyrano would rather die in war against a worthy enemy instead of a dieing of natural causes. De Guiche has lots of money. While he is at batle, he doesnt do anything with the cadets. The cadets have no money so they are staving. The cadets hate De Guiche because he wont give them any food. De Guiche has only agreed to this because he doesnt like Cyrano and Christian. Also because he likes Roxane. He thinks that would help her like him. Cyrano cross the boreder everyday to send of his letters to Roxane. while he is over there he grabs a white scarf that was De guiches. De Guiche starts making a huge speech to the cadets about not giving them away, so thats why he took off his white scarf. Then Cyrano holds up the scarf and starts waving it in the air showing everyone that he has it. The white scarf signals the other team showing where they are. The cadets at camp get a surprise visit from Roxane. She shows up because of the beautiful notes "christian wrote to her." She brings food for everyone. After Roxane showed up Christian realized that Cyrano loved her also. Christian dieced that he will tell the Roxane the truth about everything. After Roxane and Christian talk about how beautiful the letters were, Christian ask Cyrano how many letters he wrote. Cyrano tells him he wrote everyday to her. Roxane first reason for loving Christian was for his beauty. Then she realized it is for his soul. She tells him she would still love him even if he was ugly. Which is ironic because Cyrano thinks he is to ugly for her. After Christian hears that he really wants to tell Roxane the truth about the letters. The spanish side is coming there way and ready to attack. Christian runs out there to go fight. Christians body gets carried back during the battle. Roxane is criing because he husband has died. Cyrano dieceds that he now has to dealths to aveng. Christian and his own because he feels like he cant tell Roxane the truth now.
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