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Bleach Epic poem

No description

Nathan Cunanan

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Bleach Epic poem

Group 8 Nathan Cunanan
Period 1
Tell me, O’ spirit of protection,
of the child of whom the souls give respect to.
He who sheds his blood for his comrades,
the child of Kurosaki Isshin,
and he who has defeated the evil soul,
the fiend whose name is Aizen Sousuke.
The story of Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ichigo, brash and stubborn, lived in peace.
He was able to see the souls of the dead,
and one day he met a Soul Reaper,
whose name is Rukia Kuchiki.
The Soul Reaper was in search of a hollow,
which are evil, monster-like, souls,
and has detected it around his house.
The high school boy and the soul reaper,
who were on the 2nd story of the house,
heard a screech that is like a banshee,
who signals death to those who hear their wails,
a high-pitched echoing voice,
which can be listened from distant lands,
the screech, like nails on a chalkboard,
that was the sound that the teen and reaper

She sensed its presence so she ran downstairs,
the girl stood facing the monster ahead,
She charged the beast head on with all her might,
the girl was then defeated by the hollow.
Rukia offered the boy her powers,
to protect his friends and family.
He accepted her request and stabbed himself,
the boy appeared with a black robe and a blade,
Ichigo then attacked the hollow,
cutting its limbs and striking its skull.

Ichigo fought more hollows on his journey,
each battle gave him strength to continue.
Rukia was then taken away,
for the crime of converting a human to soul,
Angry he headed to Soul Society,
to save the Soul Reaper from her demise.
He fought the guardians of that world,
he also learned of his weapon’s strength.
Aizen then appears and defeats them,
one-sidedly beat the guardians and left,
to the hollow world of Hueco Mundo.
The attack of Soul Society was over.
Ichigo then returned to his world.

He continued to get stronger since then,
he fought against many kinds of enemies.
He realized that he has hollow powers,
from every one of his battles he fought.
Evolved hollows came and took his friend,
to the forbidden land of Hueco Mundo,
these hollows were called Arrancars.

Ichigo disobeyed Soul Society,
by leaving to save his friend over there,
In his journey in Hueco Mundo,
Ichigo was overwhelmed by the hollows,
but captains from Soul Society,
came to assist the boy in danger.
They were all informed that Aizen left,
headed towards the human world,
he was confronted by the guardians,
the protectors of soul society,
the final battle then began.

Aizen Sousuke defeated everyone,
except for Kurosaki Ichigo,
and three other powerful soul reapers.
Aizen told the boy of each of his battles,
how they were all set up by him,
in order to become a worthy being,
to clash blades against his immortal form.
Aizen then went to Soul Society,
to find what he was searching for.
Ichigo and his father followed him,
but stopped at the passage to the other world.
He then learned of the passage’s secret,

Time was slowed down and was a benefit,
Ichigo used it to train for his fight,
when he came to Soul Society,
he confronted the corrupt soul, Aizen,
with a different appearance than before.
It showed how much time he spent training,
he looked older and was powerful.

The final battle neared its end.
The boy overwhelmed Aizen with his strength,
no matter how strong Aizen got,
he couldn’t defeat the reborned soul reaper.
Ichigo used his final strike against him,
Aizen was then incapacitated,
It was finally the end of his mischief.

As Ichigo approached his friends,
he slowly collapsed in front of them.
When he awoke his newfound power,
and his time spent to achieve it, disappeared.
The power used against Aizen,
had an indefinite consequence,
which causes the one who uses it,
to completely lose their powers,
Ichigo accepted his fate.
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