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LAN 580

Final Project presentation

Joshua Benjamin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of LAN 580

Using Technology in Second Language Instruction Final Project
La Academia Partnership Charter School (LAPCS), located in Lancaster City, PA Students:
9th graders Intermediate-low stage in writing
Intermediate-mid or Intermediate-high in speaking
reading and listening comprehension levels are respectively higher, (i.e. Intermediate-high and Advanced-low) Unit Goals
Content students learn about historically significant places in their city, or another city with which they are familiar
students share this information with their e-Pal partners from earlier projects
Students will read and learn about places in England, where their e-Pals live language students will understanding reading in English

students will produce writing in English to communicate with others technology
students will have to use ePals.com
email technology
the internet for research Objectives: students will demonstrate learning about historically significant places in their city by writing about them on email to the ePals

the emails should be also sent to me for assessment purposes

students will demonstrate understanding of the historically significant location by summarizing information and presenting it in class students will write using descriptive language items
focusing on adjective use in particular

students will need to list various uses of the past tense in the reading that they do regarding their selected location

students attempt to use these forms in their writing SLA Theory:
Gass and Selinker (2001) and their Integrated Model of SLA Sociocultural Theory as discussed by Antón, DiCamilla, and Lantolf (in Lafford and Salaberry, 2003) Description of the Project:

students in both countries (i.e. my students and their ePals in England) would start with a “think-pair-share” to become aware of their knowledge about the topic email their ePals with the information that they used in the “think-pair-share” and invite them to share the information that they learned Students would then have to access websites online to do research about the place that they are concerned with

Students would be able to avoid those that are less than trustworthy

Students would be required to list the websites that they find, with guided assistance from me, and list the URLs that they intend to use. Students would have to summarize and synthesize information Students would be led to focus on adjectives and different past tense uses. Students would be introduced to the presentational website Prezi at www.prezi.com

Students would be guided through registering on the website, watching demonstrations of how to use Prezi, viewing other presentations that were already posted by others, and viewing a presentation that I create about a location that I chose

Students would be allowed to search online for images related to their research and begin to compile them in temporary folders on school computers Description of Assessment Students will be required to email me copies of the emails that they send to their ePals, allowing me to see how much they are reading and sharing with their ePals regarding to place that they choose to focus on.

I will respond to these emails with praise and constructive criticism, with recommendations for improvement. Formative Assessment Sumative Assessment The final summative assessment will cover their Prezi presentations Joshua Benjamin
LAN 580
Dr. Crosby
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