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health by maddy

No description

crystal walton-wyche

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of health by maddy

health by maddy
physical fitness
it help your body.and it helps you when you are about to do something.it helps your body fell better.it is importan.and you should exersize.
feeling are emoshanl .people can hurt your feeling and that is apart of your feelings.and it them feel really really bad.and then they are not your friend.that is what it means.
manage strees is when you are just comen down .it coming down. like doing yoga.it is really relaxing.that is what mange strees.
manage strees
skin care
it means that you have to take care of your skin.and wash it .and take good good care of it.or it will look like valcano s on your face.and you will break out.
teeth and their care
you need to take care of your teeth. so they want be alllllllll nastey black .and soooo nastey.and you will have to get them pulled them out.and worst!
conflict is about not fighting and being mean .so you should not fight.so you should just take turs.and not fight.you sould share.
it means that you can not be mean to each other.you have to work things out .so you have to work things out with each other .friendship is nice and sometimes importin.that is challenges of friendship.
challenges of friendship
it means working together in nice ways.so you should work together .working togerther is nice because you are helping too.so work togther.
working with others
when you learn about your self it makes you fell better .it is like when you are just bron. you want to learn about your self .so thats why you sould learn about your self.
learning about yourself
maddy is a nice person .she love her self. she is helpful she is healthy.she is pretty and she is awsome!!!!!
all about maddy
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