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My Visual Journal

No description

Jenna Lynn

on 19 November 2017

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Transcript of My Visual Journal

My Visual Journal
Jenna Matson

Trinity Western University


October Fine Arts Lesson
The Sunflowers
Art reading reflection....
Drama Reading Reflection.
Dance Reading Reflection.
This lesson was the first drama experience in school for many of my students!
Vincent Van Gogh
On Thursday October 11th, we attended a Dance workshop led by Lisa Petersen. This workshop was an observation of two different PE Lessons at RC Garnett Demonstration School in Langley, BC.

The professional year students participated in each lesson with the grade 2 and grade 3 classes. The first lesson was a creative movement lesson. The teacher played different music and asked the students to move around the gymnasium in different ways. She asked them to explore how their bodies could move.
One way I have implemented music into my classroom thus far, was by teaching my students a song when introducing the concept of place value.
"The arts engage intellect, heart and body. They are unique means of knowing, thinking and feeling based in imagination and cognition." (Cornett)
"The best drama uses as much truth as possible" - Dorothy Heathcote
"Dance develops self-expression, self-concept, confidence and leadership."
First we discussed what drama was: acting, pretending, playing, making skits. Then we discussed our DRAMA rules.
A tambourine became my friend at the beginning of the lesson as we established expectations using the tambourine to communicate different instructions such as neutral position, freeze and walk in time.
We played different games, exploring how we could use our bodies to communicate.
Students explored different ways of sitting on a chair, walking forward and showing what kind of chair they were sitting on.
This is one art lesson that I taught to my students.
In this lesson, the teacher reads the story Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt to introduce the artist Vincent Van Gogh. The students will discuss reasons why people did not like Van Gogh's style and talk about how Van Gogh painted impressions of what he saw. The students recognize that people did not like Van Gogh's paintings because they were different.
The teacher demonstrates how to draw a simple sunflower in white construction paper with pastels. The students will be instructed to make a circle in the center with their yellow pastel. Then the teacher will instruct the students to draw curvy lines to create spiked petals around the circle they have drawn. The students are told to use lots of curved lines and to make sure the bottom of the petals are touching each other. The students will need to be reminded that all of their sunflowers will look different; however they are all important. .
The teacher will then show the students how to add orange and red to the petals and to blend the colours together. The students will be shown how to outline their petals so they are defined. They will be shown to drawn a star-like shape inside the circle with their brown pastel, followed by their black pastel. Students will be instructed to not put their pastels down but be challenged to keep adding colour to their sunflower. The last colour they will add is green for the petals. This will be followed by using a paintbrush to add a blue wash to the entire page.
Students are shown The Fourteen Sunflowers prior to starting and during the lesson.
First, put on sunglasses and a leather jacket to become an army sergeant.
Have your students stand on a line and repeat back to you.
"I don't know what I've been told" (repeat)
"Tens are tall and ones are small" (repeat)
"First you count up all the tens" (repeat)
"Add the babies to the end" (repeat)
"Sound off" (repeat)
"One, two" (repeat)
"Three, four" (repeat)
This is followed by students acting out being tens and ones. The tens stand up as talls and the ones crouch down as smalls. My students had a blast learning this song and some would sing it to me on their own, weeks after we had learned it!
I believe drama should have a prime place in education. It has had a great impact on the person that I have become. It has helped me to explore my own creativity and build confidence. I look forward to continuing my learning in drama and sharing my love for it with my students.
This is one of my favourite
dance pieces from the television show, "So You Think You Can Dance." It was a piece that illustrated to me the power of expression and emotion through creative movement. It has encouraged me to pursue my own creativity.
Some projects I hope to complete with my future students...
This is an art lesson that I really enjoyed with my current grade 2' and 3'students.
The work of my grade twos and threes!
This is my sister. She is an artist; she encourages me to be creative and strive for beauty in everything.
Acting in my first show titled "Holy Mo" in Sept 2012!
music reading reflection.
"There was once a teacher who taught her fourth graders to sing, "I've been working in this classroom all the live long day. I've been learning lots of new things just to pass the time away. Soon we'll hear the bell start ringing and out the door we'll go. Now it's time to get ready, clean up and go on home" (tune: "I've been working on the railroad"). At the end of each day they were energized to prepare to depart - always on a good note."
I love this idea. It celebrates what the students have accomplished that day and I can picture the students singing it while waiting for a teacher to come and sign their agendas.
Final Reflection
A wordle I made to introduce some ideas about one of my favourite things.
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