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Western Books

No description

Sean Cho

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Western Books

Brief Overview
Intro: The West
Authors of each story
Book/Region Analysis
Brief Overviews
by Sean Cho, Samantha Frost, Conor Gomes, Samir Patel, and Lucas Relic
Western Books
Sklar Period 3
Sean Cho: East of Eden
John Steinbeck
Follows the story of a settler of the Salinas Valley, Adam Trask
Chronological story
Has two sons: Aron and Cal
Long, winding, plot-driven book
Sam Frost: A River Runs Through It
Narrated by Norman Maclean
A Chronological story condensed by summers
Follows Maclean's internal battle about understanding responsibility to his family
Norman Maclean
Julie Otsuka
Samir Patel: When the Emperor was Divine
Story of a Family that gets affected by the Japanese Internment Camp
Experiences in Internment Camp
Hardships after return to Berkeley
Conor Gomes: Snow Falling on Cedars
David Guterson
Lived in Seattle
Went to the University of Washington
Only wrote one popular book
Lucas Relic: The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
collection of 21 stories
revolves around Victor
stories seem like simple anecdotes about past experiences but there is a deeper meaning
Sherman Alexie
by John Steinbeck
most famous work is The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
won the California Young Reader Medal in 2010
currently lives in Seattle, WA
Native American
the heroes in these books all have differences between each other
all heroes share qualities such as toughness and perseverance, but they are also delicate
they connect with other characters and empathize with them
Writer of Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath
Was a manual worker before becoming a writer
books often related to social/economic issues
East of Eden referenced Steinbeck's life repeatedly
The west is often viewed as a place of prosperity, opportunity, and chance, but each book shows that the West is no such place; rather, a place of hardship
The concept of the family was very pivotal in every book, as each book shows a theme of strong bonding between family members to survive
In each book, tradition played a large role, whether it involved customs or religions, because through such traditions the people managed to retain their knowledge
-Born and Raised in Palo Alto
-Studied Art at Yale University
-Pursued Art until age 30, when she turned to fiction writing
When the Emperor was Divine
is her first novel
-Currently lives in New York

When the Emperor Was Divine
Killing or getting rid of all their pets symbolizes change/transition to new life.
Once something is dead, it can never come back.
Relates to how their old life was “dead” in a way and that it would never be the same.
A River Runs Through It
Big Black Foot and Flyfishing were symbols
Mentioned in similes or reflections
Flyfishing represents religion and is also quoted in the book as being a religion to Norman
Term fly-fishing was used to describe a lifestyle, it was compared to life lessons
East of Eden
Salinas River
symbol of prosperity, opportunity, and success, as the plots of land further away are less successful
Struggle between good vs. evil
Snow Falling on Ceders
Setting Symbolizes the mood for rest of scene
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
Drugs/Alcohol: Reoccuring Symbol throughout the book
Jimi Hendricks
reminded Victor of his dad and his life before his dad left
whenever he feels sad, victor plays jimi hendrix
American and author and English professor
Attended Dartmouth College
World War 2 - served as Director of the Institute on Military Studies
Married Jessie Burns
Had 2 children
East of Eden
- Civil War
A River Runs Through It
- World War II and the Great Depression
The Lone Star Ranger
- Jimi Hendricks
Snow Falling on Cedars
- World War II and Japanese internment camps
When the Emperor was Divine -
The common theme of False Hope and Hardship seem to unite these books as a whole
A great deal of large geography such as: Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Forests, etc.
Current setting will reflect mood of story
Heavy weather
Setting often either sunny and happy (stereotypical west) or dark and gloomy (the real west)
All authors lived in west
Did very different jobs before becoming writers
These jobs gave different insights and backgrounds to stories
Personal experiences frequently applied to novels of the West
West often looked at as a haven or place of hope and success
Instead portrays hardship/struggle
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