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Harvard University

No description

Jialin Huang

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Harvard University

Harvard Dorm Rooms
Only freshmen live in the dormitories. Sophomores, juniors and seniors live in the House system.
Canaday Hall
Canaday Hall, completed in 1974, is the newest dormitory in Harvard Yard, historical home of Harvard College freshmen for their first year in residence upon their initial arrival in Cambridge. When seen from above, its seven buildings resemble the shape of a question mark. It is named for Ward M. Canaday, former president and major shareholder of the Willys Corporation, manufacturer of Jeeps during World War II.

Canaday's architecture can be traced back to its period of construction, which immediately followed the student takeover of University Hall in 1969. Fearing further student unrest, College administrators fireproofed Canaday and reconfigured it around stairwells to foil student organizing. As such, Canaday Hall grew to resemble most of the other dormitories in Harvard's Old Yard, which are also organized around stairwell entryways accessible to no more than six or eight suites, each connected to the rest of the dormitory building only by an exterior walkway.

On the other hand, residents of Canaday Hall enjoy the shortest average distance to some of the most important buildings on the Harvard campus, including the Science Center, Memorial Hall, Emerson Hall, Sever Hall, and Robinson Hall.
Grays Hall
Grays Hall opened in Harvard Yard in 1863 and became Harvard College's first building with water taps in the basement. Residents of other buildings in Harvard Yard had to haul water from pumps in the Yard.

Known as "The Harvard Hilton"Grays Hall is currently used as a dormitory housing freshmen and is considered the most luxurious dorm in the Yard. It boasts spacious common rooms, exposed brick walls and an illustrious history. This dorm has a room that houses high-security freshmen
Greenough Hall
During their first year, freshmen dine together in Annenberg Hall, while upperclassmen eat in House dining halls. Harvard's Dining Services are attentive to the needs of students, offering vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options, organic food selections, and an extensive salad bar at every meal. All students at Harvard have unlimited meal plans, allowing them to eat all meals.
Greenough Hall — Located just outside Harvard Yard, Greenough is part of a group of dormitories outside the Yard called the Union Dormitories.

Greenough Hall is a four-floor freshman dormitory divided into one large section in the middle and two smaller alcoves on the sides. The middle sections host double and single rooms in the rear of the building and two-room triples in the front of the building, complete with bay windows. On the sides, rooms are either doubles, singles, and triples, or a six-person suite. There are four bathrooms per floor in Greenough: one in each alcove and two in the middle. Greenough features large windows, large walk-in closets in the triples, and hardwood floors. The dormitory has an elevator at the 10 Prescott Street end of the building. (Greenough is so long it has two house numbers: 10 and 12 Prescott Street.)
Harvard University is an American private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, established in 1636 by the Massachusetts legislature. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and the first corporation (officially The President and Fellows of Harvard College) chartered in the country. Harvard's history, influence, and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
List of Dormitories
Apley Court — Located about a half block from Harvard Yard on the "Gold Coast," Apley was built in 1897 as a private dormitory during a time of great affluence at Harvard. Apley boasts a beautiful marble staircase, hardwood floors, high ceilings and in-suite bathrooms. Rooms in Apley are typically singles, doubles or triples. The Apley Common Room has a comfortable, old-Harvard feel that is reminiscent of many of the upper class houses. It features a full kitchen for cooking. For relaxation there is a ping pong table, along with couches and chairs. The Apley TV room is a more private, quiet room featuring a TV and VCR, along with couches and chairs to seat seven. Apley's beautiful accommodations more than compensate for its short distance from Harvard Yard. Former residents include T. S. Eliot.
Apley Court
Hollis Hall
Hollis Hall, built in 1763, is one of the oldest buildings at Harvard College. It is located in Harvard Yard and faces the statue of John Harvard across the Old Yard. Hollis is a short walk from classes and Annenberg Dining Hall. Hollis is one of the smaller dorms and houses freshmen in very spacious, wood paneled, single-room doubles with common bathrooms.
Other Dormitories
Harvard have
dormitories in total!!!
Here is the WHOLE list of the dormitories.
1 Apley Court
2 Canaday Hall
3 Grays Hall
4 Greenough Hall
5 Hollis Hall
6 Holworthy Hall
7 Hurlbut Hall
8 Lionel Hall
9 Massachusetts Hall
10 Matthews Hall
11 Mower Hall
12 Pennypacker Hall
13 Stoughton Hall
14 Straus Hall
15 Thayer Hall
16 Weld Hall
17 Wigglesworth Hall
Harvard University
College/school founding
Year founded:
Harvard College 1636
Arts and Sciences 1872
Business 1908
Dental Medicine 1867
Design 1914
Divinity 1816
Education 1920
Engineering and Applied Sciences 2007
Extension 1910
Law 1817
Government 1936
Medicine 1782
Public Health 1922
A Look At The Colleges At Harvard
By: Jialin Huang
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