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The "don't touch my shit" alarm

No description

david lee

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The "don't touch my shit" alarm

First milestone
As mentioned in the name of the project, this is an alarm and so the main ouput would be the buzzer.
The "don't touch my shit" alarm

3 main components
How it works
PIR sensor- detects heat increases

Buzzer- makes the sound

Light- adds to the alarm effect
Enjoy the show!
Milestone 2
After the alarm worked successfully I made sure I was able to set up the Arduino circuit correctly
Milestone 3
PIR sensor
Wiring was easy, however coding was not
This was by far the easiest part of the project
The hardest part by far for
me was the coding
Two types of code:
-Alarm all together
The way the alarm works is very simple, however I will go more in depth when I explain it
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