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Argumentative Writing

No description

Qituwrah Long

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Argumentative Writing

Argumentative Writing
What is argumentative writing?
Basic Features
for argumentatives
3. Have a clear position.
4. Have plausible reasons and convincing support—to argue a position.
2. Use this formula to present topic:
__________ Should/Should Not be ________.
This type of argumentation does 3 things.
1. It demands that positions be supported rather than merely asserted.
2. It commands respect for the rights of others to disagree with you as you may disagree with them.
3. It requires more thought than quarreling. Still be passionate and committed to your subject, but without the “attitude”.

5. Anticipate positions and objectives.
You will be arguing controversial issues.
Controversial issues, by definition, are issues that people feel strongly and sometimes disagree about.
i.e. Child participation in beauty pageants.
To be convincing, one must not only present plausible (feasible—logical) reasons and solid support for them, but also anticipate the reader’s likely objections and opposing arguments conceding reasonable ones and refuting those that are not.
1. Focus the presentation of the issue—That comes with your introduction.
With shows like “Toddlers in Tiaras” and people like Honey Boo Boo growing in popularity, it comes as no surprise that the world of child beauty pageants are receiving a lot of publicity. Child pageants feature some of the cutest little girls parading in flamboyant dresses, big hair, and often fake teeth. These girls are required to have multiple costume changes, smile, and exhibit “girly” behaviors to impress the judges. Competitions for pageants start from birth and can last all the way up to Miss. America and beyond. The girls who participate in these pageants are scored based on their outfits, presence, poise, and of course, their beauty. Some would argue that beauty pageants instill negative values in the contestants; however, they often ignore the positive outcomes to being in beauty pageants. Beauty pageants not only encourage girls to believe that they are beautiful and strong, but also boosts self-esteem and produces outgoing young girls. Girls should be encouraged to participate in beauty pageants.
Possible Outline:
I. Introduction (complete with formula/thesis statement)

II. The first reason why __________ should/should not be _____________ is...

III. The second reason why _________ should/should not be ____________ is…

IV. Finally, __________ should/should not be __________ is…

V. Conclusion

Topics you cannot use:
 Capital Punishment (Death Penalty)
 The War in Iraq
 Impeachment of the President
 Prayer in Schools
 Legalization of Marijuana
 School Uniforms
 Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide)
 Lowering the Drinking Age
 Cloning
 Gay/Lesbian Marriage

**Read over "Write Now” pages 220-257 for more
information and examples of how to get things started.
I. Introduction (complete with formula/thesis statement)
II. The first reason why girls should be encouraged to participate in beauty pageants is that pageants instill confidence.
III. The second reason why girls should be encouraged to participate in beauty pageants is so that they are exposed to healthy competition.
IV. Finally, girls should be encouraged to participate in beauty pageants because if they are successful, pageants can be highly profitable.
V. Conclusion
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