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Career Investigation: HCA

No description

Amanda Gingrich

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Career Investigation: HCA

Health Care Aide
Typical Work Day
Where can a health care aide
be employed?
Respect to clients dignity
Sensitive to physical,social, cultural, spiritual and psychological effects of development and aging
Good physical/mental health
Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
What is a health care aide?
Health care aides are caregivers, who provide
personal assistance and support for the elderly,
disabled, acute or chronically ill people who require
short-term assistance or long-term support.
Education requirements vary. Private and public post-secondary institutions offer short education programs, which usually range from 4 months to a year. Some employers offer on-the-job training in partnership with post-secondary institutions so that one can receive a certificate while they work.
Assist clients with bathing, grooming,dressing, toiletting
Assist with bed transfers, lifting, turning
Feed clients, take input/output
Assist with ROM activities
Administer suppositories, enemas, empty ostomy bags, collect stool samples
Ensure client safety
Communicate with clients
Provide guidance for other HCAs or students

NorQuest College
Robertson College
Academy of Learning
CLI College of Business, Health and Technology
Minimum Grade 10 education.
Recreation and Human Services
Salaries vary, depending on the facility, worker experience, time of shift and responsibilities.
The average wage for health care aides in Alberta is anywhere from $17.32-$21.48. Although, some health care aides do make more.
Those with a considerable amount of experience may upgrade to supervisory or management positions. However,advancement oppurtunites are limitied because they require additional education.
Future Outlook
The employment outlook depends on trends and events affecting overall employment, location, eployment turnover, occupational growth and size of occupation.
One drawback to becoming a health care aide is the lower wage compared to other health related careers. Also, since health care aides are basically caregivers, they get attached to patients and dealing with death can cause stress and/or depression.
Why did I choose this career?
I chose to do my project on health care aides because it is a potential area that I am interested in persueing. I am interested in caring for people, in some sort of way.
How will my personal background enable me in this field?
My mother is a health care aide and I am able to learn some of the skills needed to become a HCA from her.
Personal Qualities
Working Conditions
Safety Hazards/Protection
I feel that I am a compassionate and caring person. These qualities are important to have when caring for a patient because it helps make them feel comfortable and safe. I am also responsible and punctual, so I can be counted on by supervisors to do my job to the best of my ability.
Despite criticism, health care aides do a considerable amount of physical activity; due to helping patients move, bathe, dress and other daily activities. Health care aides also do a lot of lifting and are on their feet for extended periods of time.

HCAs may work in institutional settings or in homes, ranging from comfortable to undesirable.

Though most clients are incredibly cooperative and pleasant, some can be diffucult which can lead to stress and frustration.
Due to the amount of physical activity required, it is important for health care aides to be aware of basic body mechanics and proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

As well, it is vital that HCAs are familiar with WHMIS , so that they are aware of how to handle certain substances in order to avoid life-threating injuries, or possibly even death.
There are over 21,200 Albertans in the Nurse Aides, orderlies, and Patient Service Associates occupational group which is expected to have an average growth of 3.2% from 2012 -2016. Employment turnover is expected to increase as members of the baby boom generation retire.
By Amanda Gingrich
Career Investigation Project:
Continuing care facilities
Government social departments and agencies
Non-profit charitable organizations
Home care and family service associations
Health care aides will report to their supervisors to get a report on the previous shift, and then recieve their assignment(patients). HCAs will have to check on them, wash them, dress and them feed them. Throughout the shift , HCAs will have to monitor the patients to make sure all is well. Additional duties may be performed depending on the instruction given.
Delores Gingrich:
Health Care Aide for 23 years at the Edmonton General Hospital.
Interview:My mom
Average day shift:

Get report on the previous shift
Check on residents(patients)
Perform basic care(washing, dressing, etc.)
Transfer residents into wheelchair to be taken to breakfast area
Help patient go to the washroom if needed
Bathe patient
Answer call bells
Transfer patients to lunch
Put residents back in bed
Pass snacks around
Transfer into wheelchair, take resident to recreational activites
Computer work(record everything done that day, info on patients)

Average night shift:
Get report from previous shift
Check on residents
Turn residents over(prevent bedsores)
Change briefs if needed
Continue to monitor patients throughout night
Computer work on the shift

After recieveing a high school diploma, one year of college at Alberta Vocational Centre.
Why did she choose this career?
My mom chose this career because she wanted to care for others who were not able to care for themselves.
Starting: $11:35
Current: $23.75(day)
Employed at:

Health care aide at Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre(about 24 years)
Safety Hazards:
Falling, tripping
Burns(eg. cleaning chemicals)
Sprains/strains(proper moving techniques needed)
Physically attacked by resident( eg. hitting)
Favourite thing about job:
Getting a smile from a resident at the end of the day(getting appreciation).
Video of the health care aide program available at Robertson College.
Full transcript