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English assessment feedback

No description

Paul Sass

on 4 October 2015

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Transcript of English assessment feedback

English assessment feedback
Question A2
use short quotes
to show how the text was interesting to read: eg. "went on STRIKE" - this emphasised that Jessica was at the end of her tether and wanted to teach her daughters a lesson
choose two of three themes
which show interest: eg. shock/disgust; determination of mother; hailed as a 'hero' by blog readers
Question A3
Section B
Content & Organisation
Did you think about your audience?
What style did you write in?
Did you set out your work in paragraphs?
Did you use interesting English techniques - tripling, alliteration, emphasis, rhetorical questions?

Section B - Sentence Structure, Punctuation and Spelling
Did you write in proper sentences, using COMMAS, FULL-STOPS, CAPITAL LETTERS?
Did you use speechmarks, direct speech?
Did you try your best to use a wide vocabulary?
Did you spell correctly?
Section B -
30 marks
15 marks - content and organisation
15 marks - sentence structure, punctuation and spelling
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