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Let's Make Pizza

A virtual field trip to Fortinos

renu mann

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Let's Make Pizza

Let's Make Pizza
How to make pizza?
In order to learn how to make pizza, first watch the following videos or read recipes online.

This is a simple recipe that uses ready-made dough.
Keep in mind, red wine is not included. :)
In this video you will learn to make pizza from scratch, i.e., make the dough yourself.
In case you wish to watch a recipe in Hindi, you may watch this video by Chef Sanjiv Kapoor. Please note there are two recipes in this video, and you have to watch just the first one.
Links to read simple recipes:
What do you need to make pizza?
With your group members, make a list of ingredients that you would need to make a pizza. Be respectful of the dietary restrictions of your group members.

Now that your list is done, let us go shopping.
Watch the virtual field trip video below.
Shopping Time
Well, now that you have visited the store, and saw the ingredients, go to the next slide to read the math task.
Your Challenge
With only $15.00 to spend, and only 30 minutes to make two medium pizzas, you will have to plan collaboratively for the following :

1. Write your recipe. Use procedural writing checklist.

2. Revisit your shopping list. The slides ahead will help you shop for the amount you have.
Shop for pizza base
You may make your own dough or shop for a ready made dough or pizza base.
Ready Made Dough and Crusts
You may click on the image to enlarge it in order to read the prices and details. If you use ready-made dough, you can use any flour at home for rolling the base.
Pick one.
Raw Ingredients to Make Pizza Dough:
Yeast is necessary to raise the flour, if it is not self-raising flour. You will have some oil and sugar at home for sure. Visit the link below to learn about the self raising flour.
Pizza Sauce and Cheese
Pick a Sauce
Pick a Cheese
Note: If you wish to make your own sauce, then look closely at the ingredients and time required to make the sauce.
Pizza Pan
If you don't have a pizza pan, you might need either of these.
Now that you know what money you have left, pick your toppings. Figure out how much will you need, and how much will it cost. Use links below. You will need a calculator to know the prices.
Let's Share
Now that all the planning of making two pizzas is done, you must calculate the fraction of pizza that each group member will get? Convert it into decimals and percentage if you can.
number sense
Present your work
You may present your work on a chart paper, or a Google Presentation. Please be cautious of the time in hand. Your work must consist of the following:
The list of ingredients with individual prices and the total cost.
The procedural writing (recipe of how to make a pizza).
Names of the group members and pizza share in fractions, decimals and percentage.
Go to the next slide for Math Journal Writing prompts.
Share your thoughts & experiences
Please use the following prompts to write your math journal for today's activity.
The math skills I used for today's activity are ...
The L.A. skills I used for the Pizza activity are ...
Most importantly, the learning skills that I ...
The best part of this activity was ...
I wish ...
Thank you for all your hard work and collaboration!
A Virtual Field Trip
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