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Students diagnosed with EBD: implications for the classroom

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Patricia Klabunde

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Students diagnosed with EBD: implications for the classroom

Only 40% of students with EBD graduate from High School Nationally
Three times as likely to be arrested before leaving school
Two times as likely as other students diagnosed with disabilities to live in an out of home placement

What is EBD?
EBD, or emotional behavioral disorder is an umbrella label that includes ADHD, RAD, ODD, PTSD, and many more
In the classroom
Since EBD is an umbrella label, often times kiddos will have a combination of labels, this can create a challenging classroom atmosphere
Requirements for label:
Do you have students in your placement diagnosed with EBD? Do you feel that they are/will become a part of these statistics?
How do you use your tool belt in a real life situation?
Provide space and think time
Calm demeanor
Repeat directions (broken record)
Reiterate that you care
Know your kiddos and what they need
Behavioral support plan (BSP)
Crisis plan (if they have one)
What are some other ideas for strategies?
How will you manage your classroom effectively making sure not to single out/reinforce behaviors?

Your tool belt to help kiddos diagnosed with EBD
Be aware of attention spans and transition activities often, use engaging activities
Have fidgets available for all kiddos in the classroom
Alternative seating arrangements, be spatially aware (PTSD)
Have a "chill spot" and plan for needed breaks
What are some techniques you can think of?
Students diagnosed with EBD: implications for the classroom
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