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No description

Roshney Jerry

on 17 December 2012

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INTERNET SAFETY AND CYBER BULLYING Facebook! Never put photos that are private
in the internet and never send it to anyone!!!!! Never share personal
information!!! Issues sometimes...... And lots more!!!!!!!! If there is a problem
tell somebody!!! BBM! When you meet strangers online don't give them
your address or they can pretend to be your
friend and find you too easily!!! The people who you think aren't actually who they are!!! Virtual chat world games!!
-If there is a problem tell your parents!
-Visit child line!
-Chat with your friends Dont's
-Never chat with strangers online
-Don't give your personal details
-Don't put personal pictures online If you met someone online and if they
ask to meet up tell your parents immediately! If you get a nasty email from someone
you don't know delete it and don't reply
back! Think about what you write, it is very easy for people to get the wrong idea about what you write or how you write it!! BE SAFE!!! If you're not careful on the
internet you could be exposed You tube Think before you send! Check your profile to
make sure you haven't
put any personal information
on it. Look out for your friends and do something if you think they are at risk. If you have a problem visit the
website Think you know!! Try to find some friends so you don't get
bullied or humiliated!! Go and visit Think you know website and I
promise all your problems will be solved. Here is a rule that you can use
for when your depressed or using
the internet! Safe
Tell If someone is harassing you
click the symbol on your profile
page called Report Abuse if
you click that the police will take
care of everything else. Accepting emails, instant messages or opening files and pictures from people you don't know or trust can lead to problems they may contain viruses or nasty messages! You can be safe by
thinking SMART! Be safe that is
private click only my
friends can see it or
strangers might see
your photos and you
could be in trouble. These kind of problems usually
happens to woman and girls so watch out! Keep your password to
yourself! If you think you have
downloaded a nasty
website tell someone about
it and report it! If you got a nasty mail from someone
don't delete it keep it and use it as
evidence when you show it to adult
or the police.
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