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Electron Configuration

This is a lesson on electron configuration.

Charlotte Bickham

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Electron Configuration

Electron Configuration
Aufbau principle
Find the noble-gas above your element. Put it in brackets, then start the configuration from that point.
Noble-gas Notation
Electrons occupy the lowest energy orbital available
Pauli exclusion principle
2 electrons in an atom CANNOT have the same spin.
Hund's Rule
electrons within the same orbital must have the same spin before the second electron can enter the orbital.
Electron configuration
Combine the rules together.
The arrangement of electrons in an atom.
C. Bickham
Find your element
Follow the flow chart until you get to your element
1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2
Additional Resources
Google images
SCI.11-12. PS.9 Draw accurate valence electron configurations and Lewis dot structures for selected molecules, ionic and covalent compounds, and chemical equations.
Sci.11-12.ps.15 predict the physical and chemical properties of an element based only on its location in the periodic table.
Sci.11-12.ps.16 predict the stable ion(s) an element is likely to form when it reacts with other specified elements.
Sci.11-12.ps.17 use the periodic table to compare electronegativities and ionization energies of elements to explain periodic properties, such as atomic size.
Common Core State Standards
This prezi was created by:

Charlotte BIckham B.S. Ed
11th Grade , Chemistry
Ponchatoula High School
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