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Laurie Johnston

on 8 July 2015

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On Wednesday 15th July 2015 we leave!
You must be at school by 11am with your luggage so that we can register you and get organised
We will then travel by coach to Kingswood where we will settle in have a couple of activities, dinner and sleep
The coach drivers will love us because we will behave and we
will not leave any rubbish on the coach

What to pack
Things you’ll need:
• Toiletries etc (please note deodorants must be roll-on, no aerosols).
• Old clothes for activity sessions – (long-sleeved shirts, trousers, closed-toe shoes are required for nearly all sessions so bring plenty.)
• Waterproof clothing (jacket, trousers and wellingtons).
• Large plastic bag for dirty clothes.
• Swimming kit
• A bath towel.
• Sunglasses, sun cream and hat in summer.
Students must have!
• Pyjamas and slippers.
• A named water bottle (essential in summer).
Students must have this.

Useful items:
• Wet weather gear for field studies.
• Books, playing cards and other quiet activities.
• Torch.
• Money for snacks and souvenirs in the shop.

Kingswood can’t accept liability for the loss of any personal property brought to our centres –
so please don’t bring any valuable items, expensive clothing and footwear, mobile phones,
handheld games consoles etc.

We’re unable to store them and they won’t be insured while on centre.

How will we amuse ourselves?
How not to vex us
The Centre has a range of sensible, necessary rules which we expect all students to follow.
• Guests will treat the centre with respect, particularly the grass and planted areas.
• Guests will use the bins provided at all times.
• All guests will treat each other with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or special educational needs.
• Guests must not use the activity areas and equipment unless supervised by Kingswood instructors.
• During activity sessions the Kingswood instructor in charge is responsible for participants’ safety. Participants must follow his or her instructions so as not to do anything that may compromise their own or anyone else’s safety.
• Guests will keep their dormitories and the communal areas clean and tidy at all times. Any damage to Kingswood property must be paid for before leaving the centre.
• Guests should arrive promptly for sessions and meal times.
• Students must return to their dormitories at the agreed times and keep noise to a minimum. Guests should stay in their accommodation, except in an emergency, without disturbing any other groups during the night.
• Under 18s must not drink alcohol.
• Under 18s must not smoke.
• The centre general manager has the right to ask any group behaving inappropiately to leave the centre.

Any serious infringement of the above rules or other staff instructions may result in students being brought back from the trip early at their own cost

We further expect students to follow all SGC rules whilst away with us - yellow tickets and BW will be in play.

Who's coming with us?
Mr. Johnston (Boo...)
Ms. Bertrand (Hooray)
Ms. Van Der Graaf (Hooray)
Mr. Hind (Hooray)
Ms. Tanner (Hooray)
Mr. Johnson (Hooray)
Ms. Krishnar (Hooray)
Ms. Bailey (Hooray)
Plus three others to be announced
Coming back...17th July
We aim to leave Kingswood a little early so we can be back at school by 2pm latest...

...but this will depend on traffic
Consent, medical, diet
Look at the consent letter.

You must bring this back to me by the end of the week.

If you have
medical issues or diet issues then no problem. Just get it signed.

If you
do have
medical or diet requirements list them and get it signed. No form, no go!
Who's first?
A great start to the summer
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