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Mans inhumanity to man

No description

Husain Baig

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Mans inhumanity to man

What does this mean?
Phrase was documented in a Robert Burns poem in 1784.
Theme centers the idea of mans cruelty to another man.
The cruelty is done in a savage, or animal like way.
Mans inhumanity to man
How catcher in the rye relates
Catcher in the rye is relates well with this theme
Particular events occur which relates to this
In the story Holden is depressed in his life, making wrong decisions and getting into trouble
Paris attacks
How this attack relates
This attack shows what humans can do to other humans in a cruel, and terrible way.
These attackers Targeted innocent people, and killed them for no actual reason
This connects with the theme because it is an act of violent and cruel actions which is inhumane.
How lord of the flies relates
Lord of the flies relates in a great way
The story revolves around the idea of children losing their humanity and turning into savages.
Examples in the story
The boys using a littlun to represent the pig they killed but ending up taking it too far, almost killing him.
Roger killing piggy
Roger destroying the littluns sand castles
The boys killing simon thinking he was the beast
Examples from the story
Stradlater punching Holden when Holden called him names
Maurice hitting Holden for not paying up money
James castle commiting suicide after being tormented by the other boys.
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