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Currier Museum Field Trip

Tour of Exhibits in Currier Museum

Bernadette McQuilkin

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Currier Museum Field Trip

First Floor
Currier Museum
Putnam Gallery
New Hampshire
New Hampshire
Courtyard and Cafeteria
American Studio
Craft Movement
The Family, Marisol Escobar, 1963
Second Floor
Currier Museum
American 1680 – 1815
Overlook to Courtyard
and Cafeteria
1815 – 1915

Basement Floor
Currier Museum

Faculty and Master Artist Exhibits
are now on display
Space &
Reception Area
Pablo Picasso, a modern artist, originated the cubism movement, as seen in his painting"Woman Seated in Chair", 1941. How would you describe this style? Is all of his work done in cubism style?
How would you describe the art in the Contemporary section of the museum? Why
do you think all of these works are considered art?
How is the art in this special exhibit different from works in other parts of the museum? How is it alike?
The Samurai were warriors of premodern Japan, who eventually made up the high ranking military caste or class. They employed a large range of weapons, but their main weapon and symbol was the sword. They were supposed to lead their lives according to ethic code of bushido ("the way of the warrior").
What can you tell about New Hampshire from this picture? What subjects might you expect New Hampshire artists focus on? Can you find a New York influence in their work?
How would you describe impressionism? Find a work by Claude Monet. Then see if you can find other artists whom he may have influenced.
Blue Pool, by Neil G. Welliver, 1980
Integrated Circuits..., Anne Marie Kenny, 2002
Bitter Nest,
Faith Ringgold, 1988
The Putnam Gallery is a long hallway containing this painting and other works by NH artists.
Still Life, Pablo Picasso, 1924
Still Life, 1924
The Frog, 1949
Woman Seated in a Chair, 1941
Pitcher, Paul Revere, 1734–1818
The Bootleggers, Edward Hopper, 1925
The Seine at Bougival, Claude Monet, 1869
The Rehearsal, by Peter Winslow Milton, 1930
The Currier
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