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No description

Samantha X

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Another

Five Nights at Freddy's
The Missing Children - Night of the Kidnapping
The Bite of '87
FNAF1 - Year taken place and Location
"Rumors" - Reanimated Corpses
Plot holes ??
June 1987
**The actual
for 1987
Had he known of the incident, he would have reported the incident and would not have come back to work overtime on the 6th night, knowing the restaurant would be closed.
An interesting observation: Someone would have to know the camera system very well to know where all the best blindspots are located.
Potential Suspects
The day guard
Previously worked the night shift
Complained about working conditions in the night and requested to work in the day
Experienced and knowledgeable of the security system and floor plans
No longer available for duty after short period of time working as day guard
Phone Guy
Seems to know everything about Fazbear Entertainment and vehemently advocates for the company
Gives very vague responses about any negative comments or occurrences related to the company's operations
Down plays any dangers associated with the security jobs
Jeremy Fitzgerald

Poor deducting and analytical skills related to searching for safe, decent jobs
Possible mental instability due to commitment with death-trap job
Potentially highly stimulated by being in dangerous situations
Access to mascot costumes, floor plans and security systems
Mike Schmidt
Few theorists think he may be the unnamed day guard; unlikely since the real suspect was captured (murder = life sentence, typically)
Seems to potentially have some connection to the past from FNAF1, although it is unclear
"Rumors" - Reanimated Corpses
As expected, PG is being the equivocating twat we know and love him to be. On night 3 of FNAF2, PG randomly decides to spill a slightly confusing note:

"...whatever is going on out there, however tragic it may be,... has nothing to do with our establishment."

At first, this left me with more questions than I really ever wanted. To be honest, it still confuses me because he says this seemingly random sentiment on night 3, when nothing [that we know of] has happened up until that point. The only thing that we do know, that could be referred to as 'rumors', are the allegations from parents about the abhorrent odors coming from the mascots.
As you can see in the news article about the foul odors coming from the mascots, this is not the first time this issue has popped up. The clip mentions that the establishment is being threatened AGAIN with shutdown due to the foul odors coming from the mascots.
Since the stench issue is being noted as a reoccurring issue for Fazbear Entertainment, it is highly unlikely the missing children's bodies were stuffed into the mascots to produce the foul smells.
The news clip seems to suggest that the original restaurant received similar threats of shutdown due to the foul odors of the original mascots.
So if the reopened Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is using the newer mascots as opposed to the old mascots, how is it that parents are complaining about foul smells, along with what looks like blood and mucus oozing from the eyes and mouth, emanating from newly built bots?
Well, as we know from PG, the original mascots were moved into the new pizzeria and were initially suppose to be repaired and put back to work. But since the smells were still an issue, and since they didn't look very good, Fazbear Entertainment invested in new mascots with more kid-friendly looks.
In the heat of the summer, along with an adequate amount of moisture, bacteria thrive, multiply, and can produce very ghastly sights and smells very quickly.
The original mascots were kept and used for parts in the new mascots. Therefore, it is highly likely that the parts responsible for the foul smells passed along odor-causing bacteria, or some kind of infestation, into the new mascots.
And what of the parents referring to them as 'reanimated corpses', with blood and mucus oozing from the mouths and eyes?
Since it is fairly likely that a bacteria or mold of sorts could be afflicting certain organic compounds of the mascots' body parts, and due to the old age of the reused parts from the original mascots, the "
" could very well have been
rusty components
and the "
" may have been
or large amounts of
bacterial growth
**Important to note: The foul smells, the 'blood and mucus, oozing from the eyes and mouth', have been reoccurring issues in the mascots long before any tragic incidents occur...

so far as we know, anyway.
Further Evidence
Five Nights at Freddy's (1)
Year: 1991 - 1995
You play as Mike Schmidt.
Mike receives his cheque on night 5 for $120.00, dated 11-12-xx.
FNAF2: Jeremy receives a cheque on night 5 for $100.50, dated 11-12-1987.
Typically, paychecks are received on Friday. As mentioned, Jeremy gets paid on his 5th night of work, which happened to be a Friday (June 26th, 1987). If we take a look at the calendar for 1987, the date on Jeremy's cheque, 11-12-1987 (Dec 11, 1987) falls on a Friday.
Dec 1987
This suggests that the company pays employees on Fridays, thus Mike must have also been paid on a Friday.
1991 - 1995
U.S. Minimum Wage
If you make a quick search of wages in the US, the minimum wage for 1987 is $3.35, of which goes up to $4.25 by 1991 and stays the same till 1995.

TheGameTheorists made a great connection to the tragic Chucky Cheese incident that has seemingly inspired the developers for FNAF. In the tragic case, the incident occurs in 1993. This has led many theorists to say that the time FNAF1 took place in was 1993, or close to that year. They are not far off.

The wages theory suggests that Mike worked in one of the years between 1991 and 1995. The
year that has the date of 11-12-xx (Dec 11th) fall on a Friday is
FNAF1 takes place in 1992, 5 years after FNAF2.
On night 1 of FNAF1, PG mentions the original bots are approximately 20 years old.

1992 - 20 years =

Therefore the original restaurant may have opened in 1972.
My Theory
: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza opens in 1987. After the tragedy and the bite of 87, FFP remains in business after a temporary close down but struggles for 5 years to stay relevant. By the end of 1992, FFP is set to close for good.

The original restaurant, Fredbear's Family Diner closed down in 1986. This is most likely due to health issues related to the odors coming from the original bots.

Where does FNAF1 take place?
The news clip at the end of FNAF2 suggests that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will reopen some day, even if it is with a much smaller budget, which leads us into FNAF1...
(FNAF2: Definitely a prequel!)

It is very possible, and quite plausible, that FNAF1 takes place in the original diner.
Floor map is smaller
Limited power in the restaurant
Restaurant seems very run down (i.e.:cobwebs and hanging wires, poor camera quality)
Smaller office
On night 6, PG also tells Jeremy that they have one last event the next day; a birthday party. Jeremy is instructed to wear his uniform and stick close to the mascots in case they try to hurt anybody.

Backtracking to night 4 - PG tells Jeremy the mascots have been good with kids, but increasingly aggressive towards adults, on top of "not acting right" as PG says on night 6. As a result of the mascots' dangerous behavior, and their aggressiveness towards adults,
I suspect the victim of the bite is Jeremy Fitzgerald.

The Bite of 87
My Reasons:
The suspect had to have knowledge of the security system to hide in blindspots, and I believe the suspect was the former day guard, who was swiftly fired on the 5th day
The day guard wears a similar, if not the same, uniform as the night guard
Jeremy is around the mascots on the 7th day for the party, when they are presumably in their worst and most dangerous state (i.e.: seeking potential predators or threats with their criminal database, increasingly aggressive towards adults, and trying to put a face to the suspect)
Jeremy has to be close to the mascots as a part of his tasks for the birthday party, and is thus the easiest target for an incident to occur - Jeremy is the most exposed to the danger
Plot holes
Why not stay at the newer, bigger restaurant?
I theorize that FNAF1 may have taken place in the original Fredbear's Family Diner location due to budget cuts by Fazbear Entertainment and to leave behind the terrible legacy of the bigger restaurant.
Probably for a number of good reasons:
High leasing cost, cannot keep up with high payments due to loss of business
Legacy of the tragedy and the bite of 87 sticking onto the location, basically scaring customers away = no business
Easy to set up in a smaller location that already has systems in place to accommodate the original mascots (i.e.: the original diner)
Jeremy comes back to work, of course, on the 6th night and is greeted by a disturbing call from PG, telling Jeremy that the restaurant was temporarily closed, and that 'someone used the old yellow bear costume in the back... none of them [mascots] are acting right'. Incredibly vague and not super helpful, typical PG.
Since Jeremy is unaware of the incident taking place, it is just another night of fending off mascots who think he may be an endo-skeleton without his costume on.
Friday, June 26th, 1987, on the 5th night of guard duty for Jeremy, the missing children's tragedy occurs.
Working Week: Monday to Friday
Year: 1987
Summer: June 21st - Sept 21st
Jeremy starts his summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
OK, I cannot be the only one who has noticed something odd about the dates on the main cheques for both Jeremy and Mike:

They fall on the same day: 11-12 or Dec 11th
For some reason, even though we know Jeremy works in the summer, his cheque is dated near the end of the year, in winter.

At this point in time, I can't even make a completely plausible theory about the cheque dates, I would just be shooting in the dark.

My best guess:

Fazbear Ent. had to temporarily close after the incidents that occurred (i.e.: murders and bite of 87) in order to investigate the crime scenes, report damages, clean up and pay off the damages and deal with personal injury claims from parents (not physical injuries but emotionally-related ones [yes, you can sue for being stressed indirectly]). In other words, a whole leap of money went down the drain for Faz Ent. in an instant after these tragedies occurred.

Because of the money loss, Jeremy's pay was put on hold until Fazbear Ent. opened back up. If this is the case, then they opened back up by then end of the year.
And what is with the whole "The mascots might see you as an endo-skeleton without its costume on?" Let's think about that for a moment: There are other endo-skeletons in the restaurant, mostly located in the parts room, right? Then why don't the mascots ever spend their time in the parts room putting endo-skeletons in costumes? And why the duck do they scream at you if they think you are an endo-skeleton???
So, as I am sure many people have seen, many things don't seem to add up or make much sense. Perhaps the game creators know exactly what they're doing, and from what I have observed (if I am right at all), I think they do know.
Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Jeremy only works for 1 week, during which the 'missing children' incident occurs; June 26th, 1987.
The call from 'Phone Guy' (PG) on the 5th night informs Jeremy that the restaurant was on lockdown earlier in the day, especially concerning "previous employees." PG also tells Jeremy that he will soon be moved to the day shift to replace the previous day guard, whom is "no longer available."
The day guard was the night guard before Jeremy took on the night guard job.
**Important to note: The phone calls Jeremy receives are not recorded. They are live phone calls from PG.
Further Evidence
The tragedy occurs on the 5th night with Jeremy unable to see the events unfolding due to the murders of the children occurring in the blindspots of the cameras.
The "easter egg" of Freddy following Marionette expose the murder spots of the children. If you explore the rooms instead of following Marionette, you will find 5 puddles of blood in the following locations:
under gift box
under table
side note: to pierce skin with ease requires sharpness, but to break through bones does not. Most importantly, it requires a substantial amount of force. In other words, it is quite possible any one of the mascots managed to successfully bite the victim's frontal lobe off.
The amount of children
missing increases to 5
in a later news clip.
Speaking of foul odors...
As for
the mascots and/or the restaurant became "haunted," why the suspect engaged in such a heinous crime, the real story behind Marionette and Golden Freddy, how Mike Schmidt is connected to the story beyond simply being a night guard, all of the other easter eggs from FNAF2, and who Phone Guy really is and his true connection to Fazbear Entertainment...

I haven't the slightest, mates!
But with all of these unanswered questions, who knows?! Maybe there will be a FNAF3 to wrap everything up. Or maybe it ends here and we never find out.
We'll just have to see!
Leave a comment about your thoughts on my theories, you own theories, what you think may be the story behind all of what we seem to have no clue about, and whatever floats your boat :)

It's been real!
- SamanthaX
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