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Tears of a tiger

No description

latty weir

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Tears of a tiger

Tears of a Tiger
My opinion
I love the book tears of a tiger because it is a very interesting book.I love how the book relates to alot of things that are happening in our society today.For example drinking and driving can be a very dangerous thing and this was one of the major factors in the book that caused alot of problems.I love how this book also opens up the eyes of everyone on how teenagers get along in high school.Once you start reading this book you want to continue to see what happens next.
I would recommend this book to all readers who loves a suspenseful book.This book makes you want to keep reading and captures all your attention.I would also recommend this book because it sends a strong message to teens who are in high school.This book shows how one mistake can take over someones entire life.It also shows the negative impact that alcohol can have on people.This book also would open up the minds of other teenagers and how to deal with problems throughout life.
Tears of a tiger
by Sharon M. Draper
The first book in the powerful Hazelwood High trilogy

Memorable quotes
“Go ahead and cry, Andy. Don't be afraid of those tears. Sometimes they help to wash the soul clean.”(pg 75)
This quote shows how much andy have been holding back on his emotions and Keisha is telling him to let go all the tears that he is holding back and clear his head.
"it wasn't an unfortunate incident.it was my fault!...you need a dose of reality mom"(pg 103)
This quote shows how much andy is realizing reality can hurt but when it comes down to it all he believe the accident was his fault.
"It seems like being' dead is the only way I'll ever feel alive again." (pg 155)
This quote shows how much andy is trying to get away from all the darkness he is in.

In one horrifying night Andy's life changed forever
fear, Basketball superstars





loosing everything

break ups
Teenage drinking and driving,death, anger, and denia
Southeast of the US,

Depressing, sad
Andrew Jackson
Andy’s guiltiness over his friend death
Everyone’s struggle to deal with the death of Rob


Main character of the story,basketball player.Andy believed he was in charged of the death of robbie and it left him a life long trauma.
Robert washington
captain of hazelwood high school basketball team and boyfriend of rhonda. died in car accident
Tyrone mills
friend of andy and robert,was also involved in the accident
friend of andy and robert,was involved in accident and survied
High school basketball star
quiet,distant from everyone
andy’s psychologist,tries to help andy overcome his guilt
Keisha: andy’s love,andy finds keisha as a place of comfort but she is not there for him.
robert’s little brother

Tears of a tiger begins where a group of boys were victrious at there basketball game at hazelwood high school and they went out to celebrate and they drink.All of these boys were under age and they all were all drunk.Andy who was driving lost control of the car and ran into a wall which caused the car to be caught on fire and his best friend robbie was pinned inside the car.Everyone escaped and robbie was left behind and this accident cost him his life.Andy believe he was the one who took his best friends life and because of this he turns away from his family, friends and even his girlfriend Keisha.Andy was scared to face his future.With Andy’s emotional problems his parents made him meet with a psychologist to talk about his problems.At a talent show Keisha and andy got into an argument and they broke up.Andy was depressed and left the show and call people who said they would be there for him but no one answered.Andy went home and sit in bed thinking about his life and what to do next
what do you think andy did?
the end
Latanya Weir
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