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something upstairs

No description

madeline keck

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of something upstairs

The main setting of this novel is in Providence, Rhode Island in the 1800s and in the twentieth century. "We were moving to Rhode island!" page 8
This setting helps create suspense for the reader because you don't know if the main character is going to be able to get back to his own time!

Plot Structure

A boy named Kenny moves to Rhode Island from California and is given the attic to have as "his own space." But the first night there he sees a ghost named Caleb (who was a slave in the 1800s) rise from a dark spot on the floor, he was murdered in that very room. Caleb is trapped there. Now Kenny and Caleb have to go back in time to stop the murder and freed Caleb from the attic
I think the plot was a strong plot because it was a true story that was told to him by a boy "Kenny told me his story"page 4 "I think it's true." page 5

Something Upstairs
written by: Avi

by: Madeline Keck
I think author did an effective job of helping the reader visualize the setting because because he him self lived in Rhode island so he knew street names and things about the state.
Their is foreshadowing thoughout the book but the part that is the most noticeable is when it says, "It felt like there was someone else in the attic other than us." page 10 This hints that there is someone in the room other than him, and later in the story you find out that there was. "the stain on the floor looked like someone had been shot in that very room." page 13. This shows foreshadowing because later in the story find out that the stain is human blood, its calebs blood.
About AVI
Avi is the author of over thirty books for young people: mysteries, comedies,fantasies, and historical novels. He won a Christopher Award and the O'Dell Award. Today he lives in Boulder, Colorado.
internal conflict- the main character Kenny has internal conflict not knowing if should tell his parents about the ghost. Another internal conflict that Kenny experiences is that he realizes that when he is in Caleb's time he is haunting him.
external conflict-The main external conflict that Kenny experiences is that he cant get hurt or loose anything when he goes back in the past because then he cant return back to his own time.
comparative response
The Masque of the Red Death
Both storys take place in a stereotypical place for a murder, a dark attic and a party.
A big difference in setting between the masque of the red death and some thing upstairs is that one takes place in a fictional place and the other takes place in Rhode Island.
comparative response
I think that something upstairs used suspense the best because it is a true story and you just have to know what happens. In the masque of the red death it was a made up story of a prince, so you know its fantasy, so it didn't give me that feeling of suspense. "But the Prince Prospero was happy and dauntless and sagacious. But in something upstairs it had suspence "Kenny told me his story... I think its true."
comparative response
Masque of the red death
both something upstairs and the masque of the red death, have suspenseful dialogue in the peice.
The difference in dialog between masque of the red death and something upstairs is that something upstairs was packed full of dialog, but masque of the red death only have about one line.
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