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Prezi- Leah Draw My Life

No description

Lee-Lee Marley

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Prezi- Leah Draw My Life

1. Parent Experience Leader Introduction

2. About the University of Waterloo

3. QUIZ!

4. Differences between High School vs. University

5. The Competency Model

6. Life of a First-Year Student

7. How to support your student

8. Take home message
Differences between High School & University
The Competency Model
Quiz Time!
The Federation of Students (FEDS):
the University of Waterloo undergraduate student government
Cross- Campus Responsibilities:
7 Businesses Operated by FEDS:
Campus Bubble
International News
The Bombshelter Campus Pub
The Dispensary
FEDS used bookstore
FEDS Bus Service
Provide student services (e.g. Campus Response Team)
Manages student clubs and societies
Oversee Orientation Week in partnership with the Student Success Office, Welcome Week, and other events
Running on and off campus activities
Four of the best ways for students to get involved on Campus...
1. Volunteering
Some examples: in a lab with a professor, within the faculty, with FEDS, with off-campus organizations (e.g. Grand River Hospital)

2. Joining a Club
Academic; Environmental and Sustainability; Games, Recreational and Social; Health Promotion; Religious and Spiritual

3. Joining a Student Society
Faculty specific student societies

4. Participating in Cross-Campus Activities
Intramural Recreational Sports
On campus workshops
or is it?....
Our First-Year Transition
We still need your support!
Take Home Message
Waterloo offers much more than an education

Students must transition from high school to university

There are many opportunities to get involved on campus

This is not the end of the road for parents and families

Open and honest communication

Set up times to talk/meet

Be supportive and encouraging
When a student needs help in one of their classes a professor will:
a) Offer support by approaching a student in need of help.

b) Offer support during office hours or refer him/her to a teaching assistant.

c) Both a & b

d) It is up to the student to find help.
How is attendance tracked in university?
a) Professors take attendance by using iClickers/attendance sheets.

b) Attendance in class is carefully monitored by teachers.

c) Professors typically do not take attendance & students are accountable for themselves.

d) Every class you miss costs $10.

e) a or c is correct depending on the class
How often are students evaluated (i.e. tests, midterms, & exams)?
a) Evaluations only occurs in the middle and end of each term.

b) Evaluations occur frequently and cover a small amount of material.

c) Evaluations are infrequent, cumulative, and weighted equally.

d) We do not do tests in university.

e) a, b & c
What is the student experience like at the University of Waterloo?
a) There is limited exposure to opportunities and experiences.

b) There is frequent exposure to new opportunities and experiences.

c) There is nothing to experience at the University of Waterloo.
Choose the most correct answer for each statment
Life of a First-Year Student
at the University of Waterloo
6 Faculties
Over 6000 First-Year Students
200 + Clubs
6 Libraries
4 University College Residences
6 Main Residences

Parent Experience Leaders
Your student will gain intellectual and scholarly skills.
Your student will gain career and professional skills.
Your student will gain social, cultural and civic skills.

Health and Wellness
Focus on mental and physical health well-being.
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