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St Marina

No description

Marina Keryakoss

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of St Marina

St.Marina (Margaret)
Other Facts
Saint Marina is the patron saint of shepherds, pregnant women, women in labor, and midwives.
Feast day is July 20th.
Alive from 289 AD to 304 AD (approximately)
Known for being swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon and surviving.
Is known by multiple names, such as: Saint Marina the Great-Martyr, Margaret the Virgin, and Margaret (Marina) of Antioch
A symbol that is associated with my saint is most likely a dragon. When Saint Marina was in a dungeon, Satan came to her in the form of a dragon and swallowed her. She had survived thanks to her cross, which irritated the dragon's inside's. This is the miracle Saint Marina is most known for.
Saint Marina taking care of sheep, attracts the attention of a Roman Governor.
What can i do to be more like my saint?
Saint Marina
Saint Marina's mother had died soon after her birth. Also, when she had embracing Christianity and consecrated her virginity to God, her father disowned her. She was adopted by her nurse, and would help her take care of sheep. While she was working, a Roman Governor approached her and asked for her hand in marriage, but she must renounce her Christianity. Because of her refusal, she started to become tortured, and many miracles occurred. The first miracle, the one she is known for, occurred when she was in a dungeon. Satan in the shape of a dragon had swallowed her whole. She was able to escaped, thanks to her cross that had irritated the dragon on the inside. People had attempted to execute her by fire and by drowning, but she survived. She was soon beheaded and killed.
To be more like my saint, I can show and express my faith more often. Whenever I am asked about my religion by others, I should answer back with what is right according to the bible, and stand with my religion with no hesitation, like how Saint Marina easily refused to renounce her faith.
I can also be very faithful, and always trust that God is with me, and is taking care of me, during my times of happiness and of struggle. When Marina was swallowed by the dragon, was being killed by fire and drowning, she stayed faithful, and survived. Due to this, she inspired many people to convert to Christianity.
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