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Bloo Juice Product Launch

No description

Matt Cooper

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Bloo Juice Product Launch

Product Launch Plan Agenda Review discussions to date

Review information collected

Review phased approach

Questions / Answer Initial Discovery Discovery with ISL, GPS and Balance

Identified target audiences

Identified marketing objectives

Reviewed brand positioning Marketing Discovery ISL and Balance

Identified key audience questions

Developed phased approach to launch Target Audiences Customers - Retail

Consumers - General public Consumer Questions Why spend twice as much as the other juices?
What are the nutritional benefits?
Can I get a coupon?
Where can I get it?
How do I use it?
How is it made?
What is in it? Customer Questions Who do I contact?
Why do I want it?
How do I get it?
What is the consumer opinion of the product?
What is the margin?
What is the production capacity?
Can I customize my order?
What is the product roadmap?
What is the shelf life of the product? 3 Calls & 4 Leads Tradeshow Develop a website for Bloo Juice

Primary audience - Retail

Primary goal - Lead generation 3 Phase Marketing Plan Phase 1 Deliverables: Development of bloojuice.com Website design / copy / narrative / tone - bloojuice.com Time frame - 6 Weeks Phase 2 Deliverables Facebook editorial calendar Time frame - 2 Weeks Facebook page Campaign content - design / copy / narrative / tone Product launch promotion plan Phase 3 Deliverables Promotional campaign execution Time frame - 6 Weeks Promotional campaign optimization Project Schedule May 27 P1 Start Jul 8 bloojuice.com Live Jul 9 P2 Start Jul 23 Facebook Page Live
Ready for product launch Jul 24 Product Launch Sep 4 Campaign complete Questions? Future development Collect consumer feedback to feed customer campaign - Email Marketing Development of future campaigns
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