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First Meeting

No description

Micha Nandaraj

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of First Meeting

Pre-Legal Honor Society

Comment Cards Please share any suggestions/concerns you want addressed next year.
Chair Positions Interviews will be held April 14th, 15th and 16th
Sign-Up for an interview slot after this meeting with the E-Board or
e-mail ufprelegal@gmail.com Advertising Chair Organizing the club's tabling activities for at least two weeks of each semester. Flyers can be handed out during tabling or non-tabling times; the advertising chairs must create the flyers. Banquet Chair Setting up the date, time, place, menu, dress code, invitations, and decorations to the organization's semi-annual banquets Community Service Chair Responsible for organizing at least two volunteer projects/events benefiting the local community each month during the school year. One of which cannot be a food, toy, or clothing drives or card making events. Fundraising Chair Must organize at least two fundraising events each month during the school year, unless otherwise stated by elected officers. Historian Chair Responsible for creating the organization's newsletters, to be presented at each general body meeting. The historian can create or disband a newsletter committee however he or she sees fit. The Historian shall be responsible for an end of the year scrapbook. April 12, 2011 Law in the Swamp Chair Responsible for organizing an annual event that is held in Spring semester. The event must bring legal professionals and pre-law students together. It shall be open to everyone. The Chairs are responsible for setting the venue, ticket price, ordering t-shirts, setting the menu, arranging the speakers, and advertising for the event. Law Related Chair Responsible for two law-related events per month, including but not limited to: court room sit-ins, law classroom sit-ins, shadowing opportunities, tours, and workshops. Mock Trial Chair Responsible for organizing a mock trial competition every semester, conducting independent meetings and teaching new members the concepts of mock trial. Relay for Life Chair Organize the Pre-Legal Honor Society Relay Team, attend independent Relay for Life Meetings and generate fundraising for the event. Webmaster Responsible for updating the organization's website on a weekly basis. The minutes from every meeting should be posted on the website at least 24 hours after every meeting Announcements Speaker Professor Samuel P. Stafford, Esq. Final Thoughts... Have a Great Summer!
Contact us at any time at ufprelegal@gmail.com Intramural Chair Responsible for organizing Intramural sports teams each semester including games, practices and tournaments. Alumni Relations Please sign-up during or after the meeting if you're interested in staying in contact with PLHS and providing information for our members after you graduate. Thank You Former E-Board and Congratulations on all of your successe
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