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Fun First Day of School - 4th Grade ELA

A presentation to welcome 4th Graders on the first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Ms. Tran

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Fun First Day of School - 4th Grade ELA

Homework 2) If it is to be collected, please place it in the hw bin. 3) Otherwise, please leave your hw on your desk to be checked. 1) All homework will either be checked or collected everyday. Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday welcome! Be respectful to Miss Bauer's Math Class For students just starting 7th grade! About Me About 2012-2013 Education Hobbies 4th Year at PSMS 4 Entrance You can get an incorrect answer and still get a good grade by showing that you understand the concept! Procedures Dismissal Goals It is expected that all
students complete their hw Unit
Test! Expectations... Rule #1 Rule #4 Rule #5 well-oiled machine. help the classroom run smoothly, Beville Middle School
Attn: Miss Bauer
4901 Dale Boulevard
Woodbridge, VA 22193 Mr. and Mrs. Lee 123 Dale Boulevard Timmy has been working very hard in math class! He's been coming to class every day, always raises his hand to ask a question, and helps other students. If he keeps up the good work I'm sure he'll have an A this year! Mr. and Mrs. Lee,
Miss Bauer Rule #3 When working in pairs or in groups, use your "inside voice". Respect your classmates and your teacher. Strive for Progress, Not Perfection Don't forget to call Ashley's parents about her disruptive behavior! Help me! Absent from
Class Late to Class Quietly enter the room.
Place the late pass in the late bin.
Quietly take your seat. T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Playing tennis, cooking vegetarian meals, reading a good book, and hanging out with my friends! To teach and support scholars to be college and career ready. What do you like to do, where are you from, how did you spend your summer... Now Tell Me Something
About You! Be responsible Be ready to learn CAN'T Woodbridge, VA 22193 Pay attention when the instructor is speaking, and when classmates are speaking. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself. Rule #2 Be on time and at school every day. Rules (I miss you when you're not here!) Action Consequence ** All school rules are in place in our classroom. Rules like a Lessons Learned on the Ballfield 3rd time: Conference with the teacher 2nd time: A warning. When you CHOSE to break the rules, there are CONSEQUENCES... 1st time: Subtle reminder. 4th time: Contact with parents/
guardians 5th time: Referral to administration. REWARDS Notes and calls home. Praise. Clean up your area & put items you've used in class back in their proper place.
Pack up your belongings, monitors put materials back where they belong. The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
Last class stack your chairs before you leave! Classroom Procedures Come to class prepared (with paper, sharpened pencils, your ELA notebook/take-home folder, etc.) every day.
Greet the teacher and enter our classroom.
Go to your seat quietly & take out your supplies.
Look for today's aim or learning for the day.
Get started with the Bell Work as written on the board. Yes! No I Know The Answer
I Have A Question 4) If you did not do your hw, your grade will be lowered. Pick up any missed handouts from the absent bins.
It is your responsibility to make up any missed work! HAND
SIGNALS "You can be the President of the United States, or an Olympic Champion."
-Henry Cejudo Grading Policy What Counts as
Effort & Participation??? Awesome!

100% Credit Great Job

75% Credit Incomplete

50% Credit Let’s Talk

0% Credit Formulas/
Givens Written down
(if applicable) Written down (if applicable) Nothing written Nothing written Work All work shown All work shown None None Mistakes None Silly mistake(s) N/A N/A Answer Correct Incorrect Correct Incorrect or blank Good Effort

25% Credit Written down (if applicable) Some or all work shown Errors show lack of understanding Incorrect or blank Excellent!

Full Credit Okay

Half Credit Next Time

No Credit Work Shown Yes Minimal or none No Effort Obvious Minimal No Scoring Rubric for
Checked Homework ** Students will be sent to the office immediately for severe disruptions. Incentives & Prizes Being Excused from the Room

•You may leave the room only with permission from the teacher. If you leave the room frequently, a meeting will be called to discuss missing important instruction. Welcome To 4th Grade ELA Temple University
Teachers College, Columbia The Three R's Let me see what the
consequences are in
class. Now I want to learn more about all of you.
Tell me something about you!

Tell about your hobbies
Tell about what you did over the summer
Tell about what you want to learn this year
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