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Welcome to the Zoo

No description

sophia wernke

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the Zoo

he's going to grow to be just like his mama
From Baby to Warrior
a butterfly has a complete
A complete metamorphosis is a
metamorphosis that includes a egg,
larva,pupa,and adult.Here are some
insects that have a complete
metamorphosis Butterfly,Mealworm,and
a Frog.

complete metamorphosis
fish are creatures that breath in water and push
it out through gills so they live in water but not very
long fish die quickly.most fish live in coral and can
look very wacky.

Welcome to the Zoo
Sophia Wernke
tocans have a fat beak
Birds beaks
A dolphin is a mammal
Mammals are animals that have hair or fur even
if it's a little bit of fur.If they breath with air not
water they are a mammal.witch means if they
have gills they are not a mammal.
Do you have a pup or kitten?
well you'll see them change they will
go from small as you know them now
to big and strong.These animals have a simple life witch means when
they grow they will still look the same only large and only some differences
incomplete metamorphosis
an incomplete metamorphosis is when you resemble your parents and the stages are egg
nymph and adult here are some animals that have
an incomplete metamorphosis dogs,cats,Humans
and all kinds of animals.

birds are amazing and especially
their beaks they can use them for
many things for example if their
beak is curved they can dig holes
to get worms or get under bark on
trees and get the bugs underneath
the bark.
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